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The influx of people into the financial market either as traders or as investors is increasing daily. Many people are starting to see the limitless opportunities for trading different financial instruments to earn passive income or as a full-time hustle. There is a need for traders to find a broker that may provide them with a conducive trading environment and offer them expert advice so that they may be able to make the right trading decisions. 

But there is also a need to analyze the potentials and performance of a broker before you decide to commit your funds, time, and resources to the broker. To do so, you may have to understand and verify all that the broker claims to offer. Not all brokers are legit, some are only there for their selfish gains and maybe even ready to extort you of your investment funds. 

This review is geared towards analyzing the capabilities of a particular broker that is new in the financial market. We shall unveil this broker and find out how legit it is as well as all the features and tools it claims to offer.  The name of this broker is 101investing, and it has been around for a few months. But the question is, can you trust this broker to deliver what it claims to offer? Let’s find out.

An overview of 101investing 

101investing, as the name implies, is a beginner’s trading platform. Although it accommodates experienced traders, its simplicity and ease of use make it suitable for traders with little or no experience in trading. The broker specializes in the trading of forex. Its office is located in the Louisiana United States and only began its operation in the early part of 2020. The company is said to be guided by its motto, which implies that traders do not need to have a high level of trading experience before investing on the platform.  

To ensure that this statement is true, the broker offers enlightenment programs and educational resources to keep traders informed on the financial markets. The trader also provides expert advice for readers to guide them in their trading strategy and the ability to make informed decisions in their trading processes.  

The broker is under strict regulation by CySEC and is controlled by a financial investment company known as FXBFT. The broker’s registration and license number are 351508 and 315/16, respectively. Though 101investing may be new, its parent company is experienced and trusted by financial experts and investors. 101investing comes with several unique features and an outstanding MT4 trading platform that accommodates both mobile and desktop traders. The broker also offers a chance for traders to learn the rudiments of trading by using a demo trading account.  

101investing account types 

The broker offers three account types that traders can select from. You may be able to select either a Gold, Platinum, or Silver account. Each of these accounts has the advantages that make it unique. One of the critical advantages that each account type possesses is the difference in minimum deposit, services, and fees. While platinum account holders have the leverage to make deposits in GBP, EUR or USD, Gold and Silver account owners may only be able to carry out transactions using USD. 

A factor 0f 25 % reduces the swap fees for Gold accounts while that of Platinum accounts is lower by 50%. The broker also ensures that each account type comes with special tools to make it friendlier for users irrespective of their investment capital.  Platinum account holders on the 101investing platform may only pay a spread of 0.7 pips while Gold and Silver 101investing account holders may pay about 1.3 and 2.2 pips, respectively.  

What do you get when trading with 101investing?

In this 101investing review it’s important to detail exactly what you are getting, so let us tell you that this broker indeed may offer you a plethora of trading options. You may be able to carry out trading in an environment that is both friendly and accessible, especially if you are an inexperienced trader. The broker is known to adhere to industry standards in its trading operations. The following are the benefits of trading with the 101Investing platform. 


  • Smooth and Slick interface


The user interface of the 101Investing platforms is smooth and very easy for both new and experienced traders to trade on, while you may experience glitches. In contrast, trading on some other trading platforms but such may not be observed with 101Investing. Interface lagging is another thing that is common about some platforms where you may have to wait for some seconds before completing a simple operation. 

The developers of the 101Investing platform may have taken time to debug any form of interface glitch or lagging. This singular fact is a primary reason why 101Investing has risen to the ranks of one of the most reliable trading platforms within the short time it was created. 


  • Ease of registration


Signing up or registering on the 101Investing platforms is straightforward and fast, unlike some other trading platforms where you may face a lot of complexities before you can successfully create a trader account. You may be able to complete your sign up process within a few minutes and then proceed to begin your trading journey. After providing the relevant information to create your account, then you may get complete access to carry out transactions on different trading instruments in the financial market.


  • 101Investing is suitable for inexperienced traders


Trading in the financial market or the blockchain, in general, may require you to have a considerable level of knowledge about the industry. You may need to be conversant with the terms, strategies, and tools used in carrying out trading. Many potential traders and investors have decided against going ahead with their investment plan because they lack the relevant knowledge needed to trade in the financial market. 

The good news, however, is that 101Investing was created for this set of people. Those who feel they may not be able to engage in trading due to their inexperience may see the 101Investing platform as a means of fulfilling their trading dream. The trading platform is designed to offer training and academic programs to help traders gain the relevant experience they require to trade effectively in the financial market. 

As a beginner-oriented platform, the broker ensures that the features and tools can be utilized with minimal supervision. The 101Investing platform is also suitable for advanced traders as there are features and tools designed to meet each trader’s skill level.


  • Demo trading


The demo trading feature is another highly efficient tool that beginners can use to learn about the trading process while carrying out trading in a simulated trading environment. With the demo trading feature, you may be able to trade on different financial instruments without risking your investment. 

The broker offers you virtual currencies to use in your trade. When you feel that you have enough information and experience in trading, you may decide to enter the live trading feature to implement your trading skills. Transiting from the demo trading to the live trading feature is straightforward and may be carried out with just a single touch.


  • Access to relevant information


The major challenge facing financial instruments’ traders is the inability to access the right information. There is several misleading information that flood the online space, so inexperienced traders may not be able to discern valid information. Scammers and other cybercriminals use the internet to source for and exploit their victims. 

The bright side is that 101Investing has a massive library that contains all the information you may need to excel in your career as a trader. This information center also serves as a guide to help investors and traders make the right decisions regarding their trades. You may find information on forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and other trading instruments to optimize your trade. 


  • Account Privacy


The primary concern for any potential investor or trader in the Financial market is the safety of their investment. There has been a rising case of hackers and identity thieves in the financial market. These cybercriminals make use of different devices to obtain personal records, chats, and transactions of traders. Many people have lost their investments due to the activity of these fraudsters. 

101Investing may have put measures to curb these activities and provide security of traders’ investments and safeguard their details. End-end encryption is employed by the broker to encrypt all forms of electronic messages inputted or given out on the platform. The broker also ensures that it uses the SSL security feature to protect users’ accounts further. Traders may be motivated to increase their investment, knowing that their investment and data is protected. 


  • Outstanding Customer Service


Since 101Investing is concerned about providing both new and experienced traders a platform to carry out trading effectively, the broker has put in several measures to ensure that traders are given valuable services. It is common for traders to have issues, complaints, and challenges during trading. An ideal trading platform should be willing to provide support for its customers. 

The 101Investing trading platform offers outstanding customer support services with a fast response to queries and complaints. You may contact the broker’s support team on the 101Investing website.

One outstanding and commendable feature about 101Investing customer support team that it is made up of highly skilled and well-trained staff. 

These highly trained individuals understand the technicalities in trading different assets in the financial market. They are also vast in dealing with software related issues. You may contact them via the broker’s email, phone contact, or through a live chat. Their customer support may be reached at any time of the day.


  • Multiple Financial instruments


The broker is focused on offering you the platform to trade on CFDs, cryptocurrency, commodities, stocks, foreign exchange, and indices. This means you may be able to diversify your trade and have a better opportunity to turn out positive results, which may increase your investment returns. 

The risk of trading in a single asset is high when compared with trading on multiple assets. You may even have to halt your trading process if the window is unfavorable. But with the numerous asset features, you can select different financial instruments to trade on and expect a positive result. 


  • A reliable trading platform


Traders using the 101Investing platform may be able to access one of the top trading platforms available in the financial market. Meta Trader 4 is a unique and high-end platform that is accessible, easy to use, and reliable. With the Meta Trader, 4 101Investing traders may access a wide range of tools and features from different devices. Mobile version is also available to smartphone users who may enjoy a swift and on the go trading. You may find the MT4 as a separate software for your desktops. 

The MT4 trader4 platform consists of several frames drop charts, drags, more than five hundred trading indicators, expert advisors, centralized markets trades, pending order, and much more. It may be highly suitable for both inexperienced and advanced traders. 


  • Automated trading platform


The 101Investing trading platform is designed with an artificial intelligence feature that uses programmed algorithms and trading bots to carry out trading on your behalf automatically. This means you may not have to do anything other than monitor the progress report of your trades. The AI accounts are suitable for traders who may have no idea about how trading is carried out in the financial market.
It is useful for those individuals who may not have the time to monitor the market and place their trades. You provide your money and allow it to work for you. 101Investing artificial intelligence feature works best when used in sync with the Meta Trader 4 trading platform, hence the partnership between both companies.


  • Fees charged on 101Investing.com


Every broker has to be paid for services rendered, especially if such services are outstanding and highly effective. That may not be the case with 101Investing as they are more concerned about being able to increase your returns. However, as a move to motivate you, the broker may ask you to pay specific fees if it notices that you have been inactive for some days. A compulsory fee of 80 EUR may be imposed on you if you have not carries out any trading in over 60 days.

For those who may have stayed away from trading for 91 days, they may be asked to pay about 120 EUR for each of the months. An inactive period exceeding 181 days may warrant a fine of 200 EUR for each month. Peradventure your period of inactivity exceeds 271 days, you may be asked to pay up to 500 EUR as fine for each month. 

You may not have to feel worried about this fee because it is not imposed to rip you off but to encourage you to keep your account active and ensure that you carry out your trading activities regularly. The broker may also be on the ground to offer you expert advice on how best to achieve an optimal trading outcome. 

You may be able to make deposits on the platform using several payment methods, including Skrill, Wire transfers, Trustly, Neteller, or your Debit and Credit cards.

Funds Safety and Regulations on 101Investing

The broker’s activities are regulated by CySEC, which is seen as one of the most outstanding brokers available in the financial market. Apart from the fact that the broker is highly regarded in Europe, it is also known globally for its strict implementation and enforcing of trading rules. Cypriot investment, which oversees 101 investment, affairs, must have a minimum of €730 000 to serve as a guarantee that it is financially stable to operate as a licensed broker. 

CySEC also ensures that 101investing keeps trader’s funds in accounts that are different from those of the broker as a means of protecting their funds should in case the broker becomes bankrupt. Every broker that is regulated by CySEC may be part of the Compensation fund for investment. It is a trust that covers brokers and their clients to a tune of €20 000 in an event the broker experiences bankruptcy. Each broker under the watchful eye of CySEC may have to provide regular audit reports to the regulating body regularly. Since CySEC regulates 101Investing, then they have to be subject to these guiding rules and operational standards. 


101investing may be a new broker in the financial market, but it has risen to become one of the outstanding trading platforms that traders may use in the quest for financial independence. The broker is regulated, which makes it legit and may be trusted in carrying out trading activities. The broker is one that encourages inexperienced traders to carry out trading by offering training and expert advice to them. We advise that you do not trade with funds that may be difficult to lose and, above all, trade wisely.

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