90% of Cryptocurrency will fall: BTC, ADA, TRX, XRP price prediction 2018

BTC, ADA, TRX, XRP price prediction 2018: Crypto coin price prediction Novmber 2018, Bitcoin Price prediction 21 november 2018

The digital currency market is full of expectation and risk, the ups and downs in crypto coins are common but from few times we can see a constant fall in the price of cryptocurrencies, specially 2018 is a bad year for crypto investors.

Among thousand of Cryptocurrency price predictions by analysts and investors, a new prediction comes from:

Llew Claasen,the executive director of Bitcoin foundation,” He stated Bitcoin will hit $ 40,000 by the end of this very year.and the 90% of the cryptocurrencies will actually fall.

As per the statement of Llew Claasen, Most of the crypto coins are expecting to fall this year due to heavy scam in cryptocurrency projects.This is the reason why the majority of the cryptocurrency tokens will actually turn out to be scams. The Llew further stated in 2018 there are at least 5 cryptocurrency scams already detected in 2018, and many more are still need to add to list.

XRP price prediction 2018
90$ of Cryptocurrency will fall: BTC, ADA, TRX, XRP price prediction 2018

This Big price fall in BTC price and currency scam is a lesson for Cryptocurrency investors and exchanges

The Llew Claasen also stated that the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies is a big lessor for the cryptocurrency community, the investors will be more aware from the risk of investing in digital currency, they will adopt more safety and precautions before investing any currency. the Cryptocurrency exchanges also learn from this volatility and currency scam, They will avoid the mistakes they were doing before, they need to adopt more secure ways to exchange currency. The whole cryptocurrency community becomes much more secure by the end of 2018.

As per the prediction of  Llew Claasen The BTC will be trading around $ 40,000. he also said before reaching this price level investors will see a great volatility and down in BTC price this year. Most of the BTC investors are quite positive about the bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin (BTC) price Prediction 2018

There are so many investors who invested in BTC already and expecting to recover their money from BTC by a huge hike in price, So here is a good news for them, they can recover their money because the Bitcoin priceprediction by market analyst Tom Lee saying Bitcoin price will reach $55,000 by end of 2018. Check further about BTC price prediction here:

Will Bitcoin reach $25000 by end of 2018? Bitcoin Price Prediction

Ripple (XRP) price Prediction 2018

Ripple is going to link-up with apple and if this deal will take place then the price of XRP can be triple by the end of the year. Will it reach $10 is the hot potato of my ripple price prediction and there are numerous facts which are in its favor. Apple is a big name and if it will tie-up with Ripple then it will increase its credibility and more and more investors will invest in it. As a result, the price of Ripple will increase significantly. Now Ripple is on low price and if you want to invest in it then you can get a huge profit. I can’t exactly say that it will reach up to $1 because nothing is fixed but we can predict only. check full info here:

Will XRP reach $1 by end of 2018? Ripple price prediction

IOTA price Prediction 2018

If you want to invest in IOTA, the emerging coin which shows a great potential of its progress in the upcoming time but you can’t confirm how? I am here to satisfy all your queries regarding IOTA price and will present an IOTA price prediction on the basis of its recent tie-ups and technology.

IOTA price prediction: Will IOTA increase upto 5$ this year? MIOTA price Forecast 2018

ADA price Prediction 2018

When we observe the initial quarters of the year then we can predict that there will be a significant rush in its price like other cryptocurrencies. In January Cardano got a remarkable growth but after then it started falling. In September its price was increased by the 25 percent and it is expected that the coin will tend to grow in upcoming months.

Will ADA reach 1$? Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2018

TRX price Prediction 2018

As the Tron is a rising cryptocurrency so it is assumed that the future of TRX is bright. You can assume its growth by this factor that before a few weeks ago it was on 56th rank on coin market cap website but currently it is on 14th rank there. So it is the sign of good future of Torn and also if you invest in it you can get a great benefit. There are great chances to reach 0.2 USD as TRX has amalgamated with Ethereum.

Can tron hit 1$ by end of 2019? TRON Coin Price Prediction

Final words

The above prediction of crypto coins are based on the prediction of market analyst but as the year going to be ended we didn’t see any rise in prices, it actually seems that the 90% of currencies will fall by end of 2018.

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