101investing Review: All you know about it

The influx of people into the financial market either as traders or as investors is increasing daily. Many people are starting to see the limitless opportunities for trading different financial…

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Go4rex.Com Review: Convenience At Its Peak

A lot of investors in the financial market have enjoyed trading as a steady source of income despite the unpredictability of the financial market. A lot of beginners are however…

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CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet

Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet in 2020

Bitcoin is the most popular alternative to the government-backed currencies for everyone. It is the mineable virtual currency which enables to transfer millions of dollars in a single transaction. To…

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Best viable option to eToro platform

5 best alternatives to eToro platform to use in 2020

Are you interested to find out what are the best alternatives to eToro in 2020? Even all viable options help you to trade without purchasing real cryptocurrency by yourself. How’s…

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How to generate a bitcoin address step 8

How to generate a bitcoin address with own name?

To generate a bitcoin address with your name, you will be required to generate a bitcoin vanity address. A bitcoin vanity address represents your unique identity in the crypto sphere….

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Centralized vs Decentralized vs Distributed network: What’s the Difference?

Whenever it comes to the word bitcoin or a blockchain, the word “Decentralization” always came through. But do you know the fact behind the word “Decentralization”? Well, I will explain…

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Will Bitcoin Surpass the $60K Mark? Look What BTCC Founder has to Say!

The cryptocurrency space is essentially one of the most dynamic markets out there, and it has seen its fair share of ups and downs for us to say that. The…

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Coinrail loses over $40M in Cryptos due to hack

The South Korea based crypto exchange, Coinrail announced that it has lost cryptocurrencies that appear to be of worth $40 million following a hacking attack on its system. As reported…

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