Best Bitcoin Wallet Review 2018: Compare top Bitcoin wallet

Best Bitcoin Wallet Review 2018: Looking for the Best bitcoin wallet to store BTC safely? Which is the best Bitcoin Wallet app? What is the best and safest Bitcoin wallet? What is the best Bitcoin wallet for beginners? Which Cryptocurrency wallet is best?

Best Bitcoin Wallet Review 2018-2019: Beginners guidelines for BTC storage

Investing in cryptocurrency has become the trend of today because of its security, ease, and privacy. There are a variety of cryptocurrencies and you can choose according to your assumptions. If you are investing in Bitcoin the largest cryptocurrency out there, you must have a bitcoin wallet to buy, sell and store your coins. If you are looking for an ideal Bitcoin wallet then you are in the exact place as here in our guide Best bitcoin wallet review 2018, you will find an answer to all your queries.

Best Bitcoin Wallet Review 2018-2019: Beginners guidelines for BTC storage
Best Bitcoin Wallet Review 2018: Compare top Bitcoin wallet

Do I need a Bitcoin Wallet?

Before getting started initially I would like to answer your question about why you need a Bitcoin wallet. As we all know like other currencies Bitcoin is not can be touched and it is virtual so the management system of this currency is quite different than others. You can’t store them in physical form. We use private keys to access and transact Bitcoins so we have to use Bitcoin wallets to make all transactions safe, easy, convenient and accessible. In fact, Bitcoin wallets are used for storing, selling, buying and for other purpose so It is the must-have thing for every Bitcoin investor.

How do I get a Bitcoin wallet?

If you wanna get a bitcoin wallet then you can choose from a variety of Bitcoin wallets. Suppose you are going to setup wallet at blockchain then you have to follow these simple steps.

  • At blockchain info page you will find New to Digital currencies and then click on get a free wallet.
  • After it you would ask to fill your email id and password and after inserting you have to click on continue and read all instruction carefully.
  • Now you have to click on Get Started.
  • Your wallet is ready to use and if you want to receive coins then hit the Request. You also need a fund account and after funding, you can send coins by clicking Send. 

What is the best and safest bitcoin wallet?

So guys finally its time to discuss the best Bitcoin wallet for easy and secure transactions. We have chosen the best bitcoin wallet out there and observe carefully this guide for adopting the right wallet for you.


If you wanna make your transactions easy and quick then coinbase is the best bitcoin wallet for you. Coinbase helps you to purchase and trade your coins easily and you can also integrate with the US bank account and quickly send or receive dollars. With these dollars, you can buy new bitcoins. Coinbase is compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin but soon it will also support Ripple also.

Although coinbase is the quickest way to store your Bitcoins but not secure at all. There are chances of hacking but Coinbase is working on its safety feature and giving regular updates for improving the user experience.

If you wanna go with the online wallet then is the best Bitcoin wallet for you. Blockchain allows you to store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies its wallet. You can’t purchase and trade coins straight with blockchain wallet means your storage of Bitcoins is split from the marketplace.

My recommendation is for because it is the safest wallet for you and there no chance of hacking. If you are not a tech freak then coinbase is the easy to use wallet but if you are concerned about your safety then you must go for A little bit complex to use but quite secure for your Bitcoins.


Trezor is the perfect wallet for storing your bitcoins but it doesn’t allow you to buy and sell your bitcoins. Trezor is a hardware wallet which is connected with your PC, Tablet or your smartphone to ingress your coins. Trezor is the storage house for numerous currencies and acts as a password manager two-factor authencity and lots more features.

There are security options if you lost your password or device but you should be more careful and it should not happen. Trezor is the most secured wallet and no one can steal or hack your Bitcoins. There is no need to create any username or password so there are no chances for hacking.


If you are looking for a free platform for buying and selling Bitcoins then Robinhood is the best bitcoin wallet for you. Robinhood works as a storage and also for transactions of Bitcoins. It is just like the coinbase and you get a multitasking wallet for your Bitcoins. This wallet is specially designed for your mobile uses.

The most favorable aspect of Robinhood which stands it out from the mob is its free subscription. All your buying and selling operations are done with any commission. There are different views on its safety but for stock trading, it is quite secure then why not for your coins.


Let’s discuss our another hardware wallet Ledger included in the list of best bitcoin wallet. If you are looking for a well designed stylish one then Ledger will be the best option for you. It is pretty easy to set up the ledger and you just need a chrome and a reliable computer. Ledger is the quite secured wallet that comes with a PIN. In case if you insert the incorrect PIN then ledger will vanish all the information. But don’t worry there are recovery seeds to regain your private keys.

All your private keys are stored offline and never reveal on your PC so there is no chance of leak out any information and thus your wallet is damn secure. In fact, Ledger is easy to use and quick assessable wallet so guys it is worth trying.

Final verdict

Well, folks, I have mentioned all types of wallets like hardware, online and mobile-based and containing different features. But I can’t say any of them 100% secure so be careful while choosing the best and safest platform for your Bitcoins. All the wallets come with different uses like some works for buying and selling and some just store your digital currency so select according to your need.

Still, any query regarding bitcoin wallets then comment below and also share your experiences if you are currently using one. For more updates stay connected.


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