Best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

Looking for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in the year 2019?

Well, 2017 and 2018 were wild years in the crypto world. Cryptocurrency world is on a boom in 2017 and it still continuously attract new investors in 2018. However, most of the beginners face difficulties while finding the next cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. Don’t worry we’re here to clear all your doubts! We understand that how confusing it is for you to start with initial investments.

So, which blockchain projects look the most promising? Which cryptocurrency is according to you is right to invest. Well, I’m here to answer all your questions, by the end of this guide. You’ll find the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019.

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best cryptocurrencies to invest in the year 2019?
Top Promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

Top Promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

Binance Cryptocurrency

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world right now. Moreover, we are heading into 2019, and the future of Binance which I can see is becoming more prominent. Majority of people are going to be investing in cryptocurrency, which implies that Binance base is growing massive day by day.

Undoubtedly Binance is so well established that it is the first port of call for rookie cryptocurrency traders and because of people’s reliance on Binance, the BNB token is one of the most traded coins in the market. The reason behind the success of Binance coins is when you trade with BNB coin; you get a discount on exchange fees.

The Binance cryptocurrency has decent affiliate programs, which proffers a huge contribution to the company’s growth. Furthermore, the exchange is quite easy to use and doesn’t have any serious security problems, unlike other high profile cryptocurrency exchanges.


1. Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

2. The company have a tremendous audience to market the coin towards.

3. BNB is a clear use case primarily because of user discounts on exchange fees if they trade via Binance.

4. The support team of the Binance group is ambitious and well experienced in the cryptocurrency world.

5. The company has smart affiliate programs which help them to grow theri platform’s adoption

6. The company is expanding user base which could continue throughout the year 2019.

7. The company has established the brand and a strong marketing strategy for their customers.


1. Binance is the prime target of hackers because cryptocurrency exchanges often get hacked.

2. Cryptocurrency exchanges often get hacked by the hackers and Binance is the prime target.

3. As the government is cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges, therefore to survive in the market Binance has to readjust more regulations and legislation.

4. Binance is being criticised for their expensive listing fees, and it’s unaffordable for smaller blockchain projects.

5. There are loads of competitors within the cryptocurrency exchange world, and the majority of them are soon going to launch their personal coins.

What Are The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies for 2018/2019


The price of Ethereum was slightly higher than $720, with a total market cap of around $70 billion. At the beginning of 2018, Ethereum climbed and reached its highest price of $1423 on January 4. The total market cap for Ethereum was at $138 billion, and that is quite significant numbers.

The company grew up around 3000% in the year 2017 and became the second largest cryptocurrency, just behind the Bitcoin. Now the question is are you questioning yourself, “should I invest in Ethereum?” or “Is the price of Ethereum already at its peak?” Well, the truth is nobody among us is sure about it.

However, you can have a look to its stats which helps you to decide whether investing in Ethereum is a right decision for you or not. The scalability is the most significant barrier to the growth of Ethereum and majority of the users have complained that Ethereum is too slow to handle mass volumes of transaction. So, what’s in store for their roadmap?

Well, Ethereum has previously developed it’s initial version of the Casper protocol, which is currently tweaked. Moreover, it makes Ethereum a proof of stake blockchain making Ethereum more secure and scalable. Also, the development team is planning to introduce Sharding around 2019-2020.


1. Ethereum is one of the biggest and most trusted names in cryptocurrency which has a massive community and a considerable following.

2. The majority of investors are quite confident in Vitalik Buterin{founder of Ethereum} leadership skills.

3. Undoubtedly Ethereum is most prominent platforms for launching ICOs, and therefore they’re dominating in the market.

4. The two massive updates for Ethereum blockchain in 2019 is Sharding and Casper Protocol.

5. Indeed the most powerful feature in the blockchain world is Ethereum Smart Contract functionality.

6. The company is working hard to make their blockchain more scalable. Apart from this it also offers a platform which can be used for launching almost any blockchain related idea.


1. Ethereum app must be programmed with compactness which majority of the people don’t know how to do.

2. People claimed that Ethereum network is closed and quite slow down.

3. Being a platform for decentralised apps the company has many ambitious competitors such as EOS, NEO and Lisk.

4. Until they precede Sharding and ultimately launch the Casper Protocol, their blockchain isn’t fully scalable.

5. EOS recently launched their mainnet, and it’s a serious competitor to Ethereum.

6. The Gas fees of Ethereum has massively risen which implies that the transactions are becoming more and more expensive as Ethereum grows in popularity.


EOS uses the Ethereum like technology on the blockchain, is the brainchild of one Dan Larimer who created Steem and Bitshares, and both of them are quite successful projects. EOS addresses some of the major shortcomings of the Ethereum Network.

To develop a dApp on Ethereum, you need to use Solidity, a programming language for smart contracts which is a barrier to use Ethereum Network. While on the other hand EOS overcomes this by providing services to developers, which includes database and account management services, that doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

EOS raised a record $150 million in just five days during its ICO. Two months back EOS debut on the Bitfinex where it pumped the price by 200% in two hours. The EOS coin has shown considerable progress and has several advantages over Ethereum. Although EOS doesn’t have a significant community on which users rely, so it is too early to predict its future.

Moreover, the transactions on EOS blockchain are free. Further, it has vast and enthusiastic community support for plenty of good reasons. Eventually, EOS recently completed a successful token sale and gained a capital to develop its entire potential. So, these are the few reasons, why I am confident for EOS to be a profitable investment in the year 2019 and beyond.


1. The prime advantage of cryptocurrency EOS is for those who gathered to ICO. It stands far better in comparison with the Ethereum.

2. The EOS distribute the token to the project development divided into a ten-year period, which is undoubtedly an incentive for the team.

3. The speed of transaction in EOS cryptocurrency is higher than bitcoin and Ethereum Network. Now at the same time, the commision offered by EOS on operations with cryptocurrencies is quite lower.

4. The company came out with an announcement that creators are working to minimise costs when conducting transactions with EOS.

5. With the continuous growth, the framework of the ECO already collected a huge amount of money. However, the initial offer is still going on, and EOS has already being sold to the investors.

Developers also spend money on marketing so that they can attract more investors.


1. The product is still not finished. Majority of projects running in the market have atleast a beta version for testing for ICO. The developers of EOS are only making false promises with its users.

2. The EOS cryptocurrency team only reports to the investors about the funds.

3. The EOS system already has a large number of competitors who already have real embodiment and are in the testing stage.

4. Due to uncertainty about the future of the project, and that’s the reason why the instability of EOS continues.

Top Cryptocurrency with great ROI to buy in 2019

Lisk Cryptocurrency

Lisk is an open source blockchain platform powered by Lisk{LSK} Tokens. It allows developers to create a decentralised application(dApps) in JavaScript programming language. Majority of people have ideas for the Blockchain, but all of them need an easy way to create decentralised apps, and that’s where Lisk comes into the light.

Lisk gives freedom to its developers to launch their own cryptocurrency token. You can build an application on their sidechain linked with the Lisk Network, and also with their custom token. The next reason why you should choose Lisk is that developers can use Java to program their blockchain apps and Java is quite the most secure platform.

Now, if you look at the cryptocurrency like Ethereum, you need to know the program with Solidity or if you don’t know you need to hire someone which according to me is no easy as well as cheap task. Furthermore, with continuously coming updates Lisk is expected to have a great year ahead in 2019.

To make use of full capabilities of Lisk, all you need to do is create an account and download the Lisk Wallet, and simply launch the app. Once done you need some LSK token, which you can buy from different cryptocurrency exchanges. Just because Lisk is easy to use people with no knowledge of cryptocurrency can also manage.

Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows are the two notable personalities with a supporting team are working day and night to make Lisk more stable and secure. They regularly give new updates for the project, and in the year 2018, the Lisk is receiving thousands of new Wallet signups every month.


1. The mainnet of Lisk is for more than two years which is a long time in the crypto world.

2. Undoubtedly Lisk is a serious growing brand and always looking forward to the new opportunities.

3. Lisk investors have confidence in the coin, and they are one of the most successful ICOs of all time.

4. Allows you to create your own sidechain with Javascript and give you full proof security and stability.

5. Lisk solves a lot of the problems with Ethereum’s platform.


1. In the upcoming year’s many competitors in the ‘Build your own decentralised app’ space.

2. There will be more natural ways to create your own blockchain application such as Fuel Cryptocurrency.

3. Lisk community is not as big as Ethereum’s community is.

Best Cryptocurrency forecast for 2019


Bitcoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency with a 40% share in the total cryptocurrency market cap. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency and dominates the entire market like a boss. Now, if Bitcoin continues to grow as it did in the year 2018, then I am quite sure that investing in Bitcoin might be a great idea.

The price of Bitcoin changes a lot, every day you can see many highs and lows in price from the last couple of years. The price of 1 BTC has gone from around $76 to as high as $20,000 in the year 2017 December. After that, the price of the Bitcoin dropped to about $6000 in the year 2018 February. It’s crazy!

With the much price changing so much in such a short space of time, how do you decide what’s the best time for investing in Bitcoin? Well, one major event was when Bitcoin split among two different cryptocurrencies known as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Now the investors who know about this invested money before the split and made huge profits, almost making double amount of money.

Further, the price of BTC dropped around $10,000 in January 2018, almost half the amount it was before in December 2017. Majority of investors worried about this point and started selling their Bitcoin. This selling and trading of Bitcoin cause the price to fall to around $6000 in February 2018.

Those who have already invested in Bitcoin when the prices fell in the year February 2018, and you would probably be going to make about 100% profit on your investment.


1. With Bitcoin, it is possible to be able to send and get money anywhere in the world at any given time.

2. You are in control of your money with Bitcoin. There is no central authority figure in the bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin allows users to be in control of their transactions and that’s why BTC Network is so much secure.

4. Merchants cannot charge extra fees on anything without being noticed, and they have to talk to the user before adding charges.

5. You can make payments in Bitcoin without attaching your personal information to the transaction.

6. Bitcoin can be backed up and encrypted to ensure the safety of your money as well as it protects against the identity theft.


1. People need to be educated about Bitcoin to apply it to their lives. It quite difficult to manage.

2. Majority of businesses are accepting BTC; however, the list is moderately small in comparison to real currencies.

3. Bitcoin has volatility mainly because the number of coins are limited and the demand for the BTC is increasing by each passing day.

4. Currently, BTC price bounces every day due to current events which are related to digital currencies.


Cryptocurrencies can give you huge profits, but you must be prepared for one more thing, and that is to lose money. Your predictions may not be right every time. Nobody truly knows that where does the price of Cryptocurrency go.

Some of the experts of cryptocurrency say that “You should only invest money that you are not afraid to lose.” I think it’s great advice, so always remember it! Now, if you think that you have a good understanding of what makes a good investment, then you must invest in cryptocurrency.

The future of the cryptocurrency in 2019 is bright, and the market will significantly grow bigger. Which of the cryptocurrencies is your favourite do let us know in the comment section? Tell us if you have picked any other cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

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