Best Dogecoin mining pools: Complete mining Guide

Are you looking for the best Dogecoin mining pools???

Initially, money making with the cryptocurrencies world than trading is not the only option. Moreover, you can also make money with bitcoin mining, Dogecoin mining, Electroneum mining. However, the fact is solo Dogecoin mining doesn’t work all the time as compared to best Dogecoin mining pool.

Now, if you’re new in this field and thinking about what is Dogecoin Mining Pool, then you are at the right place. Today, we have compiled the best Dogecoin Mining Pools which is more profitable and helps you to earn some extra bucks.

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What is Dogecoin Mining: Everything you need to know
best Dogecoin mining pools

What is Dogecoin Mining: Everything you need to know

Dogecoin mining initially launched on December 6th 2013. It has become famous for its use in charitable acts and online tipping. In 2014, $50,000 worth of Dogecoin donated to the Jamaican Bobsled team so they could go to the Olympics.

Moreover, Dogecoin has also used to build wells in Kenya. Furthermore, those who are using social platforms like Reddit can use Dogecoin to tip or reward each other for posting good content. It is a 27th most massive market cap of any cryptocurrency. So, Dogecoin mining pool is a popular altcoin, which is known for being fun, friendly and kind.

Top 5 Dogecoin Mining Pool

Here we present you the complete guide which tells you about the best Dogecoin Mining Pools of 2018. All these dogecoins are more profitable, but the choice is yours.


The first Dogecoin mining pool which has 100 active miners. Apart from this, it offers you more than 14 other Scrypt coins. Moreover, if you want to change to other scrypt algorithms, then Dogecoin offers you 10 other algorithms which you can mine on Aikapool.

Aikapool proffers you the high-performance server with Node.js Stratum. Once you have registered for Aikapool, you’ll get all the available currencies. The outstanding feature fo this mining pool is it gives constant updates to the list of available cryptocurrencies.

Just because the Aikapool system pays only when a block found, therefore, there is no risk to the pool operator. Miners of Aikapool is rewarded on a PROP system.


Litecoinpool the next Dogecoin mining pool which is a perfect choice for those who are looking for meted mining. The pool uses a transparent reward system which pays you according to the pay-per-share (PPS) rate.

Moreover, the payouts are in Litecoin (LTC); however, you can still get your reward in merge-minded currencies such as Dogecoin. Finally, you get a visibly massive amount of money compared to the run-of-the-mill LTC mining pool.

The Litecoinpool supports two-factor authentication and a manual running too. This Dogecoin mining pool has a reputation as it is in the race in the year 2014. Well, its security and scalability, has attracted plenty of miners and company claims to be the first LTC pool which protects its miner with TLS-encrypted Stratum connections.


1CoinPool primarily operates two mining pools popularly known as Dogecoin Pool and Litecoin Pool. Since 1CoinPool have a no-fee policy; however, on the other hand, they welcome donations. This mining pool is highly secured so that anyone can do mining. They provide DDoS protection at our gateway, redundant firewalls, and everything is ICSA certified.

Now, according to the information provided on the official website of 1CoinPool, the company mine three blocks per week. Also, they use the proportional payout system, which implies that you are proportionally rewarded according to your hashing power just like most of the other mining pools do.

Furthermore, you can use the pools which are compatible with the X11 algorithm. Dash and Darkcoin cryptocurrencies are the best examples of this algorithm; however, you can request an automatic payout in Dogecoin. The best part of this Dogecoin mining pool is the coins are automatically deposited into your wallet.


The next Dogecoin mining pool featured on our list is Multipool which offers pool mining on a variety of cryptocurrencies, including those using the SHA-256 algorithm (Bitcoin, Digibyte, etc.) and X11 algorithm (Dash & Darkcoin). There are other Scrypt mining options like Litecoin and Verge, and it pays you in Dogecoin, as well as many other coins.

Besides all these, you don’t have to pay any withdrawal fees when the minimum thresholds are met, and autoplay is used. Another significant feature of Multipool is supported for merged mining which means you can mine Litecoin and Dogecoin simultaneously without losing hashing power.

Also, Multipool offers you to mine more than 29 cryptocurrencies with different algorithms. It’s secure, and the supporting cast of the Multipool is absolutely amazing.


Prohashing mining pool is founded in December 2013 from a group of three professionals having a Masters degree in Engineering officially launched in the year 2014. It is one of the most popular Skipped mining pool which proffers its users with an ability to mine numerous altcoins.

Moreover, miners of Prohashing can receive their reward in any cryptocurrency of their choice available on the list of Payout coins including Dogecoin. This Dogecoin mining pool is quite stable, easy to use as well as transparent.

When you open the Prohashing official website, then you’ll find that the pool offers robust statistical data which displays profitability, number of miners, the hash rate of a specific currency and so on. Now again this mining pool works on a Pay Per Share system, which pays directly to you in your Bank account or wallet whatever you prefer.

The fee at prohashing is 4.99%, with no minimum payout and no withdrawal fee.

Dogecoin Mining Pool: Conclusion

All the pools as mentioned above don’t cover all the Dogecoin mining pools. It gives you two outstanding options and two smaller options. Moreover, fees are minimal to non-existent at each; however, the payment systems vary, so you’ve to look into those to see which is most suitable for you.

Most of the people support other coins, and even the algorithms as well. So, if you think that you need to switch to another altcoin, then you can also do that. Now if you need some more information about Dogecoin, just download the wallet from the official Dogecoin website.

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