Most secured and best neo wallets 2018: Neo wallet download

Do you want to hold Neo for long-term or mid-term? Do you which know Neo wallet is best to use? Are you aware of legit and scam neo wallets? looking to best Neo wallet download 2018?

Cryptocurrency market got the attraction of a huge number of investors and more and more people are looking to invest in the digital market. Lots of new cryptocurrencies are emerging daily and one of the major cryptocurrency which has been proved the most promising cryptocurrency of 2018 is Neo coin. It is a Chinese blockchain project that offers two coins NEO and GAS. If you want to purchase these coin ns then you must acquire a good wallet to secure your coins. Although there are many choices available if you want to download the best Neo wallet then you are at right place. Here I will describe the 6 best Neo wallet download 2018 to keep your coins safe.

 best neo wallets 2018
Most secured and best neo wallets 2018: Neo wallet download

List of best Neo wallet download 2018

1.Ledger Nano S

If you want to stick up with Neo for long-term or mid-term then you must need a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are the most secure options and confirm the safety of your coin. Ledger Nano S is one of the best wallets and it makes your coins secure from the reach of hackers. This wallet gave support to Neo in the last four months of 2018. You can also assert for Gas coins if you are using the combination of Ledger Nano S and Neon wallet. When you utilize the combination of these two then you don’t need to insert the private key which gives you the safest experience and decrease the chances of hacking. It is easy to use and can store a variety of tokens.

2. Neon Wallet

As I am here to assist you to download the best neo wallet then it is my duty to suggest you all the great wallets out there. Neon is known for its fast and quick management and also user-friendly. It gives you an easy to use interface and even a beginner can use it. You can store, receive, and send coins via this wallet. It is a desktop wallet and equipped with all the potent features of a good desktop wallet. One of my favorite feature of this wallet is that it offers you the complete hold on your coins as your private keys are never stored on its server. It is available for multiple operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux. If you are a newbie in cryptocurrency then it is the best option for you.

3. 03 wallet

As I mentioned before that I want to help you to download the best Neo wallet so I want to describe each kind of wallet. And my other wallet is a mobile wallet which supports both Android and iOS devices. It gives you easy to use interface and you can control your coins in your fingertips. One of the most noticeable features of this wallet that it is the lightweight one and you can check the real-time performance of your Neo coin. You can separate your wallet into two parts hot and cold. The hot one is for daily use and for storing a large number of coins you can use cold wallet. It is free to use but I would like to confirm that it doesn’t offer you the tough security like hardware wallets.

4. Neo Tracker

When we discuss to download the best Neo wallets then we can’t ignore the online wallets. Neo Tracker is an online wallet to control your private keys. It is also user-friendly which permits you easy and quick interface. One of the best parts of this neo wallet is that your private keys are never stored on Neo tracker server so you feel more relaxing. It is pretty simple to generate a wallet and access to your funds. You can also track the transaction history and gives you a hassle-free experience.

5. Neo Wallet

How can we forget to include the wallet which is developed by the Neo community? Neo wallet is another lightweight wallet which gives you a fast and quick experience. It comes with an effortless interface which ensures the simple storing of coins. You can receive and send token easily with this wallet. It allows you to store your private keys locally and you feel safer as you private keys don’t store on its server. For more reliable experience all your messages are encrypted which lessen the chances of hacking. It supports English and Chinese languages and if you are new in the crypto market then you can go for it.

6. Neo GUI

Let’s discuss our another Neo wallet which is a graphical user interface wallet called Neo GUI. It is an official wallet for PC. Earlier we have discussed the lightweight wallets but it is a bulky one and you have to download the whole blockchain to your system. If you want to download this wallet then you must have sufficient time and the spare space in your desktop also. One more thing if is quite tricky and if you are a newbie that you have to face issues while using it. It gives you real-time synchronization. We can consider it the best Neo wallet in terms of safety. One and only drawback of this wallet is that it may confuse the beginners.

Final verdict

Above I have mentioned top 6 Neo wallet which ensures your coin’s safety. Now it’s your turn to download the best  Neo wallet according to your need. When you download any wallet always keep in mind that it should be user-friendly, gives you control on your private keys, developed by authorized developers, good customer support etc. If you find all these features in any wallet that it will be the ideal one. You should also check the legacy of wallet then you go further. So guys do proper research before downloading a wallet to store your coins.

Still, any query regarding above mentioned Neo wallets then comments below and if you want to know about any specify wallet then ask us. For more updates stay tuned.


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