Bitcoin price Prediction 2019, 2020: BTC current and upcoming market trend

Bitcoin price Prediction on the actual fact and historical data: BTC price prediction for 2019, 2020: What will be next in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most leading market share holder in Cryptocurrency as ranked 1 in the market of Cryptocurrency today’s market value is 3870$ USD which is about -64% of value from February 2018. (add graph)

Before we predict our Bitcoin price prediction for upcoming month i.e March 2019 or for the current year and upcoming years, we would like to compare or study some points due to which it will be easy for us to predict the value of Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin price prediction is based on the historical BTC data, current stock market trend, and demand for Bitcoin in the Market.

Bitcoin price Prediction on the actual fact and historical data
Bitcoin price Prediction 2019, 2020: BTC current and upcoming market trend

Bitcoin Price forecast for coming months and years: key parameters

Before going through the actual Bitcoin price prediction, it is must know about the past price trend of BTC, blockchain technology exposure of Cryptocurrencies to major currencies and current market demand and supply of Bitcoin all over the world.

Historical Performance Data:

Highest Bitcoin value is recorded on 01/01/2018 which is 19498$ USD and the lowest value during the period of 01 January 2018 to till date which is 3443$ USD on 03 February 2019. There are fluctuations in a period of about 14 months but Bitcoin has maintained its position in Cryptocurrency market. (Add pictures)

Exposure to the common stock market:

CCrypto currency is receiving amazing attention to common stock market due to its new technology and in current form it fulfill similar functions as other more traditional assets and Cryptocurrency id priced by factors available for other asset classes from which industry may be affected by development of Blockchain technology exposure of Cryptocurrencies to major currencies is also improved in recent year.

Top 3 price Prediction Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin February 2019

The demand for Bitcoin in the Market :

As Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry continues rapid growth and widespread adoption companies are offering experienced workers significantly higher than average salaries leading the industry to maturity despite the current bear market and low market sentiments. A recent report from Glassdoor found that new job positioning within the Blockchain industry is upto 300% over a year period with more than 1700 opening positions as of August 2018. The report concluded that despite being a nascent industry the job opening and salary statistics point to a bright future for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin price prediction by top 5 experts

1. John McAfee: $1 million

“I now predict Bitcoin at $1 million by the end of 2020,” he says. So confident is he in his prediction that McAfee has reaffirmed his promise to “eat my dick if wrong.”

2. Thomas Lee: $91,000

According to Thomas Lee based his prediction on a chart that shows Bitcoin’s performance after past dips. An average of the percentage after each dip was calculated and then used to arrive at the 2020 prediction.

3. Bobby Lee: rally to start in late 2020

Bobby Lee has predicted that Bitcoin will bottom out at $2,500 sometime in January of 2019 which will set the stage for a bull run in late 2020. He predicts that by December 2021, Bitcoin will peak at $333,000 before crashing once more to $41,000 in January 2023.

4. Wheatley model: $2,352.03

According to a Forbes article, the Wheatley model predicts Bitcoin will be trading at a rather bearish $2,352.03 in 2020. The article explains that the Wheatley model focuses solely on Bitcoin’s demand. Bitcoin’s slow demand growth is why its 2020 price prediction is so low.

5. Mark Yusko: $75,000

The Mark Yusko predicted in April last year that Bitcoin could hit $75,000 per coin by 2020. It’s important to keep in mind that Yusko’s prediction was made before the bear market had unfolded, so it’s likely he may since have adjusted his figures.

Bitcoin price prediction by Cryptopostgazette

Our prediction for Bitcoin price for the month of March will be 4000$ USD to 5000$ USD in end of March 2019 while it will improve its value due to its Historical data performance, Exposure of Cryptocurrency to the stock market and Demand of Cryptocurrency in the market. It will touch the value of 9000$ USD to 12000$ USD at End Of December 2019.

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