Can we see Hike in BTC by December 2018? Bitcoin price Prediction

Is it final drop of bitcoin? Can we see Hike in December 2018? Experts saying yes/no – and based on what facts? – Facts Behind Bitcoin price prediction: Bitcoin price today

The Bitcoin is one of the highest valued cryptocurrency coin, The people who loves to take investment risk prefer BTC first. Because Bitcoin is the only currency can make you richer in few days and can also bring you on level of bankruptcy. As we all knows BTC was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi nakamoto for a price approx 0.03$. In 2017 the BTC crossed the level of $20k and now in 2017 it is falling constantly, today the BTC is priced for $4,470.09. In previous articles we already discussed Bitcoin price prediction by multiple investors and analysts. Some are still optimist about the BTC price and saying it will reach $25k or $15k or $30k and some are saying it will go more down like upto $1000. But the actual prediction is still unknown.

Can we see Hike in BTC by December 2018? Bitcoin price Prediction
acts Behind Bitcoin price prediction: Bitcoin price today


Is it final drop of bitcoin? Can we see Hike in December 2018 or it will go down upto $1000 by end of 2018? BTC price prediction

As the BTC price is going down and down, it seems we couldn’t see the hike in price of BTC by end of 2018, yeah after reaching the lowest level of fall it will get a hike in 2019 for sure. Because people will be interested in investing in BTC at a very low price to get maximum profit. The price of bitcoin seems to be fall down more in December 2018, It can go down upto 1000$ by end of the year if we consider the current price trend of bitcoin.

Tom Lee’s Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC can reach $15k this year

Often referred to as the ‘crypto bull’, has revised his end of year Bitcoin price prediction from $25,000 down to $15,000, which is still pretty optimistic looking at the state of things today. In few months ago the Tom said BTC price will go upto 25k$ but now he changed his words to see the current price trend of BTC and bring his Bitcoin price prediction to $15k. There will be no surprise if he bring it to $10k from $15. Because the current situation is not in favor of BTC investors.

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Bitcoin price today with total supply and volume

Bitcoin price prediction 2018 according to market experts

Market experts are the lives of the digital market and no one can predict better than them. So here is the Bitcoin price prediction 2018 of some famous crypto analyst:

#Tom Lee

Ex-chief Equity strategist JP Morgan also head research of Fundstart has the great hope that Bitcoin will reach to $15000. He is thinking so due to the increasing institutional investors in Bitcoin.

#Jeet Singh

Jeet Singh is the cryptocurrency portfolio manager and he has claimed in the economic forum that Bitcoin will reach $50000 by the end of the year. He also said that there will be great fluctuation but it is common in the crypto market.

#Llew Classen

The director of Bitcoin Foundation, Llew Classen has made a brawny statement that Bitcoin will reach up to $40000. Doesn’t matter how much downfalls are there.

#Cameron Winklevoss

Another favorable bitcoin price prediction has made by the co-founder of the crypto exchange Gemini, Cameron Winklevoss. He has a great hope that bitcoin will increase by 40% someday.

Is December 2018 is the best time to invest in Bitcoin?

People are still struggling with whether they invest in Bitcoin or not? What will be a good time to invest in Bitcoin? Is December is a good time to invest in Bitcoin? Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin?

Now the main question is why should you invest in Bitcoin in December 2018. As we know Bitcoin is going down continuously from mid of November 2018, so you can wait for end of December. Crypto experts are saying that the price will go $10000 to $15000 by 2019. Currently, Bitcoin’s price is around $4500 it is going down constantly, so it will be good if you invest in end of December there will be the chances of great profit.

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