Blockchain developer jobs and salaries: Report 2018

2017 was the milestone year for the blockchain industry and there was a huge growth in the digital market. Major cryptocurrencies got a remarkable rush in their prices and many leading companies and other investors are adopting blockchain technology. So the demand for blockchain developers has grown tremendously. It is the second most demanded skill in the labor market in the world. Youths are seeking their future opportunities in the blockchain developers jobs and here I will present in-depth Blockchain developer jobs and salaries report.

Hire blockchain developers ( blockchain developer jobs)
Blockchain developer salaries around the world

Plenty of big companies and startups are looking for developers and engineers for blockchain development all around the world. But it is pretty tough to find out a knowledgable blockchain professional. In 2017 the growth of cryptomarket has almost doubled and like this Blockchain has increased in the same ratio. There are non-staff experts who give freelance services and almost get $ 150 per hour.

According to research, the blockchain developers in the US generate up to $130K per year. And the software developers receive up to $105K per year. This data was presented by Matt Siegelman, CEO of data analysis in Burning Glass Technologies.

Blockchain Developers jobs and salaries in different countries

The average annual income of blockchain developers in the technology regions of the US is $ 158K. On the other hand software, developers get almost $ 140K. It is the salary description of full-time employees in American companies.

In Switzerland, the Blockchain developer grabs more amount when compared to the US. They earn about $120K to 180K annually. Guys, you will probably think that Blockchain developer job is such a luxurious job. Yes, it is a second most requiring skill so trained yourself if you want to be a blockchain professional.

The median income of a Blockchain developer in the India is around 3 lakhs to 15 Lakhs per year.

Now take a sight on the salary structure of Great Britain to blockchain developers. The startup companies in Great Britain give $ 50K to $60K per year. On the other hand, large firms pay $ 90K to $140K to the blockchain professionals.

Blockchain development engineer advisor get $50 to $100 every hour, anywhere in the world.

 Blockchain Developers annual income
Blockchain Developers jobs: How much Blockchain Developers jobs get

How much different Blockchain professionals grab (blockchain developer salaries for different blockchain jobs)

There are different categories of jobs in blockchain technology and they paid according to their skill. I have mentioned the salary structure of different countries and now I will figure out the average salary data on the basis of We get data there but analyze by ourselves also so take a look below to know more:

Software developers

according to, the average salary of a software developer is about $110K per year. Whereas minor software developer earns around $80K annually. The top paid category is the director of product management and they get around $145K per year. Advertised salary varies from $40K to $150K.


Guys as you know blockchain developer jobs are the most demanding career opportunity for youths. But do you know who are the highest paid professionals in the Blockchain industry? Indeed cleared that the managers are the highest-earned category. The innovation manager gets average $101K and the senior manager earns $157K annually. Whereas Angellist has shown the lower salary for managers. Currently, there is no spare place for senior manager and the average salary for the project manager is about $40K. We observe a great difference between the data of and Angellist and the reason behind it that indeed collected data from larger companies and Angellist from the startup companies. So you can understand that startup companies offer less salary than the larger firms.


Now discuss the category which is least paid in the Blockchain technology, Marketing. According to indeed the average salary of marketing professionals is around $64K annually. Angellist has shown better data for marketing professionals and the annual income of a marketing manager is around $60K. Nevertheless, there are numerous marketing heads and they get around $120K per year.


Sales is another job category in the blockchain technology and according to indeed, a sales professional earns around $80K annually. On the other hand, according to Angellist the average salary for sales professional is $60K. Angellist has collected data from the startup companies so as a result sales employees are the least paid employees from a startup company.


Indeed said that the average annual salary of the risk analysts in the blockchain industry is the $84k. Whereas Angellist didn’t grab the data for risk analysts and it described the salary data of research analysts and it is of around $75K per year.

required skills to be a Blockchain developer
minimum requirements for Blockchain developer jobs

What skills you must have to get a blockchain developer jobs? (blockchain developer skills)

Guys, I have discussed with you that the blockchain developer jobs is like a dream job and you can live a luxury life if you get one. But it is not easy to grab the job as the companies demand lots of skills. The blockchain is a vast term and you must acquire multiple skills to be a good developer.

There are three chief competencies in the Blockchain developers:

  • Hyperledger Fabric implementation
  • Ripple development
  • Smart contract development

Nevertheless, blockchain is a growing industry and it is pretty tough to find out experienced blockchain developers so the firms are seeking software developers. But if you have their desired skills then you can be a blockchain engineer in upcoming time.

If you want to be then you must have the solid technical background and also curious about the latest technology. You have to be more flexible to learn and adopt the Blockchain technology.

If you want to be the blockchain developer then you must be comfortable with different programming languages. Also, you should have knowledge of cryptography. You must know the C++ because Bitcoin and Ethereum all the two platforms utilize it. Web development, networking, and privacy skills are also required. For smart contracts, you should have knowledge of Javascript and Python.

  • Numerous programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Python
  • Knowledge of cryptography
  • Networking efficiencies
  • Security skills
  • Web development CSS, HTML, Javascript

Companies with most jobs in the blockchain technology

Guys after knowing the blockchain developer jobs requirement and salary now I will tell you the companies which are the top hirers in the blockchain industry. IBM is a well-known company and you will amaze to know that currently, it has more than 200 jobs. On the other hand startup companies offers fewer jobs but opportunities are everywhere. So we split job requirements into two categories legacy companies and startup companies. take a look below to be aware of them.

companies providing blockchain developer jobs
How to find job in blockchain industry

Legacy companies

As I mentioned earlier IBM is offering a huge amount of jobs in blockchain so it is the top employer currently. IBM has blockchain offices across the globe and it is also the large investor in blockchain development. Recently it was declared as the technology leader in the blockchain industry.

The second largest employer according to Juniper research is Accenture. Accenture has 180+ seats for blockchain professionals.

Scalian is on the third position in the ranking of employer firms of blockchain technology. Currently, it has 143 posts for Blockchain professionals.

Startup companies

According to Angellist, the top employer in startup companies is The second job provider in blockchain technology is Hydrogen. have 26 posts and Hydrogen 21 jobs. Angellist said that every startup company has almost 3-4 jobs for blockchain experts.

Final verdict

The toughest task is to grab a job according to your abilities. If you have required skills of a blockchain developer jobs then you can go for it and make your future bright. You must have an understanding of numerous programming languages, web development, networking and security skills. The salary structure is different in different countries but all are giving a smart package. IBM and Accenture are the leading firms having maximum posts for blockchain experts so guys plan you future in blockchain technology for a smart future.

Still, any query regarding blockchain developer jobs and salary structure then comment below and if you are working in the blockchain industry and have some more knowledge then share with us. for more updates stay tuned.


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