Call For Vigilance On Virtual Currency

The Autorité des marchés financiers is asking the public to show “the utmost vigilance” to the solicitations associated with PlexCoin, presented as a virtual currency to be launched this month.

In a statement on Thursday, the AMF pointed out that on July 20, at its request, the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal issued orders against an individual, Dominic Lacroix, and four entities, PlexCorps, PlexCoin, DL Innov Inc., Gestio inc “in connection with their activities associated with an investment in the purchase of PlexCoin”.

The Court ordered them, among other things, to “withdraw any advertisement or solicitation made on any Internet site of discussion or otherwise, in connection with any securities or any form of investment, published or broadcast over the internet or otherwise, directly or indirectly. by these “. These people were also ordered to close the PlexCoin and Facebook related websites to close the PlexCorps and PlexCoin accounts.

On one of their websites, the promoters of PlexCoin say that their product is “a cryptocurrency which is entirely decentralized, so without central authority”, which allows faster transactions than with Bitcoin.

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