Top 5 Cheap Cryptocurrencies with maximum Return to invest now

Top 5 Cheap Cryptocurrency to get maximum Return on investment (ROI), Highest paying Cryptocurrencies with lowest investment

Top 5 Highest paying Cryptocurrency with lowest investment

Cryptocurrency is the emerging term and people are crazy to invest in it. Although having huge volatility and contain great risk still investors interested in the digital market. There are numerous coins to invest but few coins stand for the fruitful investment. We have to consider many facts before investing in any currency and when things come in terms of the digital asset then we have to think hundred times before going for them. 2018 was the average year for cryptocurrencies but upcoming two years are looking pretty good to invest in these coins. If you want to invest in digital currency and looking for the top 5 cryptocurrencies under $10 to invest in 2019 then you are in right place. Here I will discuss the best cryptocurrencies under $ 10.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies with maximum ROI
Top 5 Cheap Cryptocurrencies under $10 to invest now

Best 5 Cryptocurrencies under $10

It is pretty tough to find out the better cryptocurrencies under $10 because there are lots of options out there. But we chose the currencies which showed lower transaction fees and also assist content creators so take a look below to be aware of them.


Our initial digital currency which acquires place in the list of best 5 cryptocurrencies is BAT. It is known as Basic Attention Token, Upgrades the ability of digital advertising. BAT was founded by the Brendan Eich was the generator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. It is an Ethereum based digital advertising coin. It can be one of the best options under $ 10 to invest in the upcoming year. It is very useful for publishers, content creators, advertisers. It functions on the latest ecosystem that will happen on Brave browser.

The brave browser is a type of browser which blocks the ads automatically. There are many ways to use BAT on this browser and some of them are given below:

  • There are various donation services which will help you to support your desired content creator.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Grabbing BAT after seeing an advertisement.

BAT is a great way to help content creators to enhance their online business. It will also make glad to advertisers and viewers as Viewers will get BAT after watching the advert. And advertisers have the great chance to upgrade their product.


Our next cryptocurrency which is listed in top 5 cryptocurrencies under $10 is Nano. It is a great example of speed and efficiency. If you are looking for an ideal currency to invest in 2019 then Nano can be the good option. It offers quick transactions with zero fees. We can say it a brawny solution for micropayments. Nano was created by Colin LeMahieu in 2014. Nano’s network is based on Block Lattice. In this technology, every user has their own blockchain which offers speedy transactions. Nano’s motive is to end up the biggest problem of the crypto market, Scalability.


When things come in terms of transaction fees then how can we forget Steller? Our next currency which has grabbed the place in top 5 cryptocurrencies under $10 list is XLM. It is a blockchain based platform like Ethereum. It offers a faster transaction experience and all the transaction takes place within seconds. Comes with a user-friendly interface which is great for beginners. Many financial institutions are moving to XLM and its popularity is increasing significantly. IBM is a big name and it is using XLM for their transaction so it can be a good choice to invest in 2019.


Verge coin doesn’t so popular but it is one of the best choices to invest in 2019. Verge has integrated with PornHub which can increase its demand. One of the most prominent features of the Verge is that it hides the IP of users. Nevertheless, there is one more thing about the Verge is that they utilize an open ledger. If you believe in anonymity then Verge is the perfect coin to invest. It offers low fees, speedy transactions, multiplatform support so it gets mass adoption.


Now discuss the true rival of Ethereum which got the place in top 5 cryptocurrencies under $10, EOS. It is a decentralized operating system which is based on blockchain techniques. The developers of EOS say that it will fix all the scalability and usability issues of cryptocurrency. It claims to conduct uncountable transactions within seconds. The motive of EOS is to vanish the transaction charges. So there are huge chances for its growth in upcoming years. It may be a great coin to invest in 2019.

Final verdict

Folks, it is not easy to choose the right cryptocurrency to invest because there is a huge fluctuation in the market. Nothing is fixed and we can predict only. Guys, you must use your own senses before investing in any digital currency. You can also take advise of your financial advisor. Above I have mentioned top 5 Cryptocurrencies under $10 to invest in upcoming year but do your own research before sticking with them. Still, any query regarding these digital currencies then comments below and if you have any other better choice then share with us. For more crypto updates stay tuned.

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