CoinePro Review – is CoinePro Scam or Legit?

The art of investing is quite versatile. The versatility of this art is due to the factors that surround it. The factors that surround investing are the very things that investors manage all through their investment careers. Investment assets are numerous, and as long as any asset holds any value, an investor can use it to make investment trades. All that a trader or investor needs to do is to convert the worth of such an asset into its financial asset corresponding value. Such value is the figure investors use to make investment trade executions.

There are quite many asset classes through which investors make their investment trades. Some assets are in forms of the shares of large companies, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Windows, et cetera. Some assets are in the form of financial goods, such as Dollar, Pounds, Euro, Rand, Yuan, Yen, et cetera. There are real estate assets, such as lands, houses, properties, apartments, estates, et cetera. All forms of assets hold a vast range of unique investment opportunities through which investors can make their investment trades.

One of the factors that make investments quite subtle is the fact that the language of investments is money. No matter how large or small an asset is, when an investor needs to use it for an investment trade, the investor converts it to a corresponding financial value (in any desired currency). This monetary value is what the trader uses to make trades in the trading market. Money is volatile, and when not invested correctly, it can cause a lot of financial trouble for its investors. Still, when an investment trader manages the factors right, the art of investments becomes quite profitable. The unstable nature of money has caused a lot of investors to lose money over the ages; this is because the value of a currency could be peaking today and be at its base tomorrow.

The art of investing requires a cautious approach, not just because money itself is unstable, but also because there are a lot of decisions to make as an investor. If there are no pointers to guide the trade decisions of an investor on the correct base of information, the trader may record unprecedented losses. Some have mastered the art of trading in the assets trade market environment. These experts have gained a lot of experience over the ages, and through their wealth of knowledge, create a platform to help other investors make their trade executions. These experts are called investment brokers.

Investment brokers help other investors get the best of their investment orders. Choosing an investment broker is very important to the success of any investor; this is because the right choice of an investment broker can make the dreams of a broker come true. The wrong choice of an investment broker can become the very nightmare of an investor. Choosing the correct broker will help the investor make fantastic profit margins.

Choosing a broker through which an investor can execute his/her trade actions can also be a dire dilemma because there are so many brokers in the market today. This dilemma is why a proper review of its platform is necessary before choosing to place your investments on a broker’s platform.

CoinePro Review

CoinePro is one of the brokers available in the assets trade market today, and this is a review of its platform. This review will help you decide if the Coinepro platform is the right one for your investment goals.

CoinePro Scam or Legit?

From our experience CoinePro is not a scam, we had no problems depositing funds, trading with their expert trading tools and making a withdrawal which took 7 days to go through.



Broker CoinePro
Trading accounts Micro account, Standard account, and Premium account
Trading platform Optima Web-based, Optima iPad trader, Optima iPhone trader and Optima Android Traders
Minimum deposit $500
Assets coverage Forex, Currencies, Indices, Commodities, Shares, and Metals
Trading Tools Economic Calendar, Risk Managements, Traders guide, Rating of central banks, Currency Converter and Forex Converter
Education and Training Yes: Online Courses and Trading Signals
Customer Support 24 hours a day, and five days a week
Security Policy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy, Know Your Customers (KYC) Policy
Parent company CoinePro


Coinepro is an investment brokerage platform that offers a range of trading instruments and tools. The Coinepro Platform has trading instruments that cover a significant part of the financial assets trade market. The assets on this broker’s platform are vast and diverse. The diversity of the assets on this platform helps its clients be able to make free trade decisions as they can choose to trade with as many assets as they want. According to a segment of its web platform, the CoinePro Platform helps its clients to make the best of their investments and has a proven record of stability, security, and strength.

The Coinepro Platform has a range of trading tools with which it helps its clients to make the best of trade decisions and, by extension, the best of their trades. The trading tools on the Coinepro Platform are updated, and they are very relevant to the trade process of most investors. These trading tools also serve the purpose of education, and they help educate the traders of their trade decisions, the possible outcomes, and the likely profit/ loss margins. The trading tools on this broker’s platform simplify complex trades and bring them down to executable trade actions with which a trader can make trade decisions. The Coinepro Platform has recorded profits that are over two hundred and fifty million annually.

The Coinepro Platform has a range of trading account options from which its clients can choose. The Coinepro Platform designed its account options to help as many investors as possible benefit from the opportunities this investment brokerage platform presents. The account options on this brokerage platform put the various classes of investors in terms of leverage, capital, and expertise into consideration. The Coinepro Platform made its account options such that anyone and everyone, regardless of experience or capital, can benefit from its amazing offers.

The Coinepro Platform is available both on a web-based trader as well as mobile applications that apply to different mobile interfaces. The availability of this wide range of trading platforms of the Coinepro Platform means a trader can choose to execute his/her trade orders on the go or the spot. It all depends on the trader. If a trader needs to reach the administrators of the Coinepro Platform, they have provided some feedback channels through which clients can contact them on the Coinepro Platform.



The Coinepro trading platform has numerous financial trade assets. The assets available on this brokerage platform range from Forex currency pairs, to a variety of assets, to Indices, to Commodities, Shares, and Metals. Each of these assets classes hold a diversely unique way of trading and making a profit in the assets trade market. Traders and investors can focus their entire assets investment career on one of these assets classes and make a profitable living out of it. Many have done so, and many are still thriving in the financial assets trade market trading with a single type of the assets available in the financial assets trade market. Each of the assets classes on the Coinepro Platform has another array of sub-assets through which investors can make their trade orders on its platform.

An assets investment broker with an asset database as vast as this only means a limitless investment opportunity bandwidth for traders of the assets trade market. An investor or trader on the service of this broker can decide to base his investment portfolio on a limited number of assets on the Coinepro Platform, and other investors could choose to diversify their investment bandwidth. Whatever class of investor applies to you, the CoinePro Platform has something you might want to put into your investment portfolio.


The Coinepro Platform has three trading account options from which investors can choose. The design of the trading accounts on the Coinepro Platform is in such a way that it can accommodate the investment needs of a vast audience. Below are the details of each of the account options on the Coinepro Platform.

The Micro Account: The tag on this trading account option on the Coinepro Platform states that it is an account for beginners of the financial assets trade environment. The features and design of this trading account option are in such a way that they help beginners of the assets trade market avoid being too overwhelmed with the market and environment. The micro trading account has a minimum deposit of $500, and holders of this trading account enjoy access to a personal manager that will help to guide their investment decisions. Other features of this trading account are:

  • Static Spread
  • Optima trading platform
  • Newsfeed
  • Financial calendar
  • Minimum Lot size: 0.1

The Standard Account: This is the second trading account on the platform of CoinePro. This trading account is the most famous account option; perhaps this is because it is the account for the middle-class investors and traders. The design and features of the standard trading account are made in a way to help middle-class investors get the best of their investments. This trading account has a minimum deposit of $5,000; hence, newbies shouldn’t start trading with this account option on the CoinePro Platform. The design of this trading account is for those who have gained relevant experience trading and are, to some extent, familiar with the trading environment and its nitty-gritty. The features of this account option are:

  • Static spread
  • Optima trading platform
  • Personal manager
  • Up to 25% welcome bonus.
  • Leverage: 300
  • Newsfeed
  • Access to masters partial
  • Financial calendar
  • Minimum Lot size: 0.5

The Platinum Account: The premium trading account is the prime of accounts on the CoinePro Platform. The platinum trading account has a minimum deposit of $50,000. This trading account option is for experts in the financial assets trade market, and Coinepro clearly states that it is on its web platform. Traders and investors on this trading account level enjoy a 50 percent welcome bonus. The Platinum account of the Coinepro Platform has its features and designs synchronized to help expert traders make the best of their financial investments. The features of the platinum trading account option on the Coinepro Platform are:

  • Static spread
  • Optima trading platform
  • Personal manager
  • Leverage: 400
  • Newsfeed
  • Access to masters partial
  • Financial calendar
  • Minimum Lot size: 1


There is a wide range of trading tools on the Coinepro platform. The trading tools on this broker’s platform help investors anticipate future market trends and accurately prepare for their imminent coming. The trading tools on the Coinepro platform include Economic calendar, risk management tools, traders guide, Central banks ratings, Currency converter, and Forex converter.

The Economic calendar shows likely financial trends using key upcoming economic events as guidelines. The value of Currencies depends on events that happen around such a currency. The economic calendar helps a trader prepare ahead of fluctuations in the worth of currencies.

The risk management tool is what traders use to control the risk of losses on a trade order. The risk management tool can be preset to stop a trade loss at a specific rate. This tool is almost a complete fail-proof to losses on investments in the financial assets trade market. This tool also helps a trader to pre-set his/her trader orders to allow them to end when the profits reach a particular point.

The traders’ guide on the Coinepro platform is a compilation of educational resources that empowers its clients for the best trading experiences. The traders guide segment of this brokerage platform is also known as the Coinepro Academy. The resources in the trader’s guide part of the Coinepro platform include Introduction Videos, Advanced, in-depth courses, financial knowledge, detailed courses, Training video tutorial, and the Coinepro platform usage tutorials.

The central bank rating tool helps traders learn about major central banks around the world, their current values, and their most extensive changes. This tool gives a trader insight into the likely events around a particular currency.

The currency converter tool helps traders calculate the value of a particular currency in another using the latest conversion rates. This tool is exceptionally resourceful for checking the likely profitability of a currency pair in the Forex trade market.

The Forex converter shows the price, standard lot, minimum lot, the micro lot, and the PIP value of Forex currency pairs.


The CoinePro brokerage firm has provided a unique trading platform for its clients. The trading platforms are web-based and mobile-based. With the web-based trading platform, traders and investors on this broker’s service can access their trades and account on any internet-enabled web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

Similarly, traders can make use of the mobile trader to access their trades. The mobile trader is available for download on iOS and Android operating systems. The mobile traders include the Optima iPad trader, Optima iPhone trader, and the Optima Android Traders.


In terms of security, data transmission between the clients and the server is encrypted with the latest technology. Also, the broker employs the use of the international security measures of the Know Your Customers (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering policy. The KYC requires that all the traders and investors on the service of this broker must go through a verification procedure to ascertain their identity. Also, the AML policy requires the broker to monitor its clients’ financial activities and report any form of financial irregularities, fraud, and other money laundering transactions.

The compliance with these security measures and policies implies that this brokerage firm has positioned itself as a haven for sincere and smart traders and investors in the financial market.


The Coinepro platform is a go-to brokerage platform for financial assets investment, for both beginners and expert traders in the financial market.


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