IOTA price Prediction 2019: How high IOTA can go by end of 2019?

IOTA price Prediction 2019: May MIOTA reach $5 by this year? Cryptocurrency news today

IOTA is an open source Blockchain platform, The IOTA cryptocurrency is in demand in the market. In coin market cap it holds a place in the top 15 coins. Currently, the IOTA is priced for $0.323274, The development team is finding the supporters for the project all over the world to grow up the market potential of IOTA.

The project offers great exchange services to investors, they can exchange funds without fees, both for people and machines. The project was founded by Dominik Schiener in 2015, The developers of IOTA trying to create a new blockchain for the project. The new blockchain will lead to highly scalable, low resource requirements, transactions with a zero commission, secure data transfer and offline transactions.

IOTA price Prediction 2019: May it reach to $5 this year?
IOTA price Prediction 2019: How high IOTA can go by end of 2019?

The company’s Board of Directors include:

Dominik Schiener;
David Sønstebø;
Ralf Rottmann;
Serguei Popov;
Sergey Ivancheglo.

IOTA price Prediction 2019: May it reach to $5 this year?

IOTA trying to expand its project development by joining hands with great organizations. The IOTA trying to reach $5 this year in partnership with Nordic semiconductors and NTNU. the company recently announced that it is going to be the partner with Nordic semiconductors and NTNU University. This tie-up will lead to great market development potential for IOTA. Currently, the IOTA is on the 15th position in CAP and the coin has great potential of growth.

Nordic semiconductors is a great electronics company which not only deals in gazettes, also provide wireless equipment with cutting edge technology. the company used to provide the gazettes which are easily connected to the internet. By tieing up with IOTA, the company will try to create a strong database by using it’s devices This data will be available on the data marketplace at an affordable cost. It can be easily bought with the help of the cryptocurrency.

IOTA Future potential

As the IOTA going to tie-up with this great organization that will be very helpful for the developers of IOTA, This tie-up will lead to the more easy and fast trading of data. Apart from the more secure and fast data transactions, the vale of IOTA apps will also increase. and the result is the final price of the IOTA will increase in coming time.

How Partnership is significant for IOTA?

By joining hand with Nordic semiconductors, the IOTA also will be connected with the NTNU university. the students of NTNU would be able to mine the data by using devices of Nordic semiconductors and the data will be available for sale on the IOTA platform.

the growth of the IOTA platform in constantly increasing, as the more and more users are getting connected with the IOTA platform which is the resultant increase in the value of the cryptocurrency. So IOTA is going to be one of the most profitable currencies that you can not ignore for a long time. 

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