Litecoin price Preidction 2018: Pros, cons of investing in Litecoin: Ripple Price news

Litecoin price Prediction 2018: Why you should Invest or not invest in Litecoin? Main Advantages, disadvantages of investing in Litecoin: Ripple price prediction, Ripple news today

There are plenty of digital coins in the crypto market but there are few coins which get the limelight. Although Bitcoin is the dominating cryptocurrency there are some more cryptocurrencies which give an open challenge to the leading coin. Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and lots were which are included in the top 10 cryptocurrency list. Nowadays investors are looking to invest in Litecoin but they are confused about Litecoin price. Will it increase in the future or fall from existing price? If you are one of them who are interested to invest in Litecoin and want some favorable facts then you are in exact place. Here in my Litecoin price prediction, I will aware you the chief pros and cons of Litecoin. After reading it you will be able to assume whether you should go for Litecoin or not?

Litecoin price Prediction 2018: Why you should Invest or not invest in Litecoin?
Litecoin price prediction 2018: Main pros which indicate it a great coin to invest

Litecoin price prediction 2018: Main pros which indicate it a great coin to invest

Before going further I want to confirm one thing that there is a huge volatility in the digital market. Nothing is fixed and we can predict only. There are numerous factors which consider the success or failure of any currency and we can predict on their basis. But do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. Here are some crucial points which makes Litecoin a fruitful investment.

  • When compared with bitcoin it seems a lighter and faster option. It makes transactions faster and you can utilize it in day to day life to make transactions.
  • Litecoin also offers you the cheapest option for transactions. When we compare it with Bitcoin we find it more usable in terms of price.
  • Litecoin mining process is more straightforward.
  • Seems a secure and trustworthy coin as it was developed by the Google employee.
  • It is also determined the less fluctuating coin comparatively its rivals.
  • Supply is also the most important factor which confirms the growth of any coin and the supply of Litecoin is 84 Million which is great.
  • Litecoin has the great support of Chinese people which ensures its growth.
  • Litecoin is compatible with all the hardware wallets.

Things which can decrease the value of Litecoin: Main cons

  • People are looking for new expectations from the Litecoin like Bitcoin added Sagvit to its protocol but Litecoin is behind in this term. So this may lack the value of Litecoin.
  • Litecoin is known as the fork of Bitcoin but still, there is the scarcity of innovative ideas and Litecoin has to work on it.
  • Bitcoin has only one issue, Scalability and it can be resolved then there are chances of its downtime.

Litecoin Price prediction 2018: Whether you invest in Litecoin or not?

There are assumptions about Litecoin and its rival currencies like Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and many more. What will be their future? Will Litecoin perform like the current time or it will get down?

When we observe the latest forecast and experts statement then we notice that currently, it is traded on about $ 130. There are great chances to reach to the remarkable heights in 2018. Experts are also predicting that it can touch the $500 range by the end of the year. There are strong reasons which show a bright future of Litecoin and consider it a good option to invest. It is connected indirectly with Bitcoin success. For instance, if Bitcoin grabs success then it will achieve growth because Bitcoin offers relatively higher transaction fees and have scalability issues. People will migrate to Litecoin for solving these issues.

Another reason is coinbase which supports Litecoin and is the most trending exchange right now. As a result, it can enhance its growth significantly.

The foremost reason for the Litecoin’s growth is the media attention. People of different professions like artists, businessman, doctors, singers and lots more are giving emphasis on Litecoin. So media is that power which can make zero to hero.

When we observe all the aspects Litecoin appears as a fruitful investment. There are huge possibilities of its bright future so you can go for it.

Ripple price prediction: Will become the number one choice of banks

Ripple is also included in the top 10 currencies and here are the great chances of its huge adoption by the banks. XRP ledger has become the number one choice of different financial institutions as it can conduct more than 15000 transactions within seconds. The company is also looking to offer liquidity solutions for making the transactions easy, quick and transparent. There are various reasons which ensure Ripple’s tremendous growth.

Final Verdict

Well, folks, you came across my Litecoin price prediction but it is my serious recommendation that do your own research before investing in it. Although Litecoin is showing great potential there are great falls and rise in the digital market so be ready for sudden loss and profit. You can also take help of your financial adviser for sticking up with Litecoin. Still, any doubt regarding Litecoin price then comments below and if you have any valuable suggestion then share with us.

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