Neo Coin Review: 5 Important factors You Must know!

A huge number of people are curious to invest in digital currency and there are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies to invest in. Do you know what is the total market cap of cryptocurrency? It is of around $415 Billion and almost 70% is controlled by the top 10 currencies. And here in this article, we are going to talk about Neo, one of the popular coin and also secure place in top 10 cryptocurrencies. Neo is also known as Chinese Ethereum and is the hot potato of Crypto market. If you are interested in investing in Neo but confused about its future then you are on the exact place as I will satisfy all your queries related to Neo coin in my Neo coin review.

So, after reading Neo coin review you will be able to decide whether you should invest in it or not.

NOTE: Although these reviews are based on our experiences and stats, nothing is sure in Cryptocurrency and the predictions are based on experiences so you must consult your financial advisor before investing in Neo coin or Do Your Own Research before Investing in any coin once.

If you are short of time, you can jump to conclusion directly and there we mentioned top-5 factors which help us to believe that the NEO coin is worth investment for short term trading and for holding too.

What is Neo?

The genuine name of Neo is AntShares and it is founded by Da Hongfei. Initially, it was introduced in 2014 as Antshares but in 2017 its name has changed and renamed it as NEO. NEO is the true rival of the Ethereum and the first cryptocurrency of China. NEO offers you much more than a digital currency so it can be the next big currency.

In fact, Neo offers smart contracts via its Blockchain platform and the smart contracts are great things and one can adopt them to enhance their business.

Can Neo Coin Reach $1000 USD?

It is pretty tough to say that Neo coin will reach to $1000 USD as I mentioned above that nothing is fixed in the crypto market. We are here to satisfy your queries so in my Neo coin review we will discuss can it reach $1000 USD? I think it can reach when compared with Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum’s price is $1154 USD with $110 Billion market cap. On the other hand, Neo’s current price is $ 103 USD with $ 6.7 Billion market cap. There is a visible difference in both currencies in their market cap. It is almost $105 Billion. If the market cap of Neo coin will increase ten times more then now definitely it will reach up to $1000 USD.

Why are we comparing it with Ethereum? I am comparing it with the Ethereum because Neo is the perfect rival of Ethereum and also far better than Ethereum.

Can Neo coin be mined?

Another query which I want to discuss in my Neo review is that can Neo coin be mined? Many people think that they can mine Neo like other coins with certain hardware and GPUs but it is not possible. When Neo coins developed then the developers confirmed that 100 Million coins should pre-mined.

And you can’t mine the rest ones. A POS is used to tackle the process of Neo’s distribution. Neo foundation also owns another token called GAS and you can get it as a reward. So guys don’t give much emphasis on Neo’s mining and just stake them for grabbing GAS coins.

Will Neo coin recover?

Neo is in the top 10 cryptocurrencies and also the great technology. Not only Chinese companies are adopting it but also it is hugely accepted worldwide. Neo has a bright future but every good thing take time to grow. There is not any rocket science and it is already increased by more than 5000%.

As we all knows China banned crypto and still, NEO have its own market not only in China, but also worldwide. No doubt, NEO coins could do wonder in terms of its pricing. As of now, NEO coin is undervalued and will be recover soon.

Will Neo price go up?

Definitely, If we see NEO coin graph year by year, we have seen tremendous growth in NEO coin and you know what, NEO is one of the best trading coin because everyday NEO coin price goes up and down.

Every investor who is curious about crypto trading should know “How to check graphs on Binance, Bittrex or CoinMarketCap” and “How could they get benefited from this stats”. If we see boom in crypto coins, bitcoins and other coins, Neo is coin which will break all it’s previous records and go beyond $200 in 2019 itself. But as we mentioned, nothing is logical in Cryptocurrency, DYOR (Do Your Own Research). This prediction is based on past price trends and trading volume trends. We also call it a technical analysis.

You know what? Before doing anything – what’s important is to know “what are you doing” and “How it’s gonna work”. Let’s suppose, you purchase a NEO coin @ $30 and then it goes down to $15 – Ask yourself – is it the end of NEO coin? Is it the end of Cryptocurrency? If not, surely it will come up and goes upto $50-$60 and so on. But during this process, you need to save yourself from FUD or FOMO.  Don’t Panic! Don’t Sell – Don’t be Greedy and Don’t Hold! When you are getting benefits from the deal, just sell your coins and then wait for the downtime, once the downtime comes, purchase it for high times.

But before doing all this, You need a trust on your trading capabilities and the coins in which you are investing.

Does Neo coin have a future?

Now the main question of investors is that Does Neo coin has a future? In my Neo coin review, it is the most predictable point and based on its reputation and technical approach, Neo is a pretty attractive coin to invest. Neo’s future is bright and there are lots of reasons behind it. One of the topmost reason for its success is the support of the Chinese government. As I mentioned above it is the competitor of Ethereum and gives more technical advantages when compared with Ethereum.

Another thing which ensures its bright future is its smart contracts and may be the strongest reason which makes Neo superior. Neo’s Blockchain platform allows traders to contact directly and operate their business in a safe and transparent environment.

How Can I buy Neo coins?

Guys after observing Neo’s performance now you would think that you should invest in Neo. Now the question is how can you buy Neo? Yes, you can buy it like any other cryptocurrency. There are multiple ways to buy Neo and here is a brief description of all the services with which you can buy Neo coins.

  • You can purchase with fiat currency through bank transfers
  • You can buy Neo with the interchange of other digital currencies like BTC, ETH, 
  • You can also purchase Neo with cash

Can you buy Neo with USD?

A lot of people asks me “Can they buy NEO with USD?” – No that’s not the case. Right now, you have to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin and then you can convert that bitcoin or etherum to NEO. No exchange or buying selling platform is offering NEO with USD. Initially, you have to buy other cryptocurrencies with USD and then convert them in Neo. 

A budget-friendly way to buy Neo with USD

  • You must have a coinbase account if you don’t have then you have to create one.
  • If you don’t want to pay transaction fees then integrate it with your bank account.
  • You have to create Binance account also for buying Neo with USD.
  • Now you have to log in GDAX with your coinbase account.  GDAX is used for easy exchange and also free to transfer funds.
  • Now you have to determine your identity on GDAX and it will consume 24 hours.
  • If there is too much delay in GDAX verification then you can transfer funds from your bank account to buy ETH. Now its time to buy with the amount of USD you want to invest in Neo.

After setting up everything…

  • Now navigate to the GDAX page to deposit ETH from coinbase
  • Here you will find a deposit button, press it. Now you have to press the coinbase account tab and then choose ETH wallet.
  • It is time to press the Deposit fund icon
  • Now move to the Binance page and search for ETH and press again Deposit.
  • Now you have to copy your ETH deposit address and again navigate to the GDAX page and finally hit the Withdraw button.
  • Now move to the ETH address tab and paste the copied address. Now press the MAX button to inhabit the amount.
  • Now you have to press Withdraw funds and wait for a while until ETH transfer to Binance.
  • After transferring navigate to the market page
  • Now you will notice a buy section and hit the 100% button and then press the Buy button.
  • Finally, you have purchased Neo Coins.

Concluding lines

So, here in this article, we have covered your main queries related to NEO such as – Is it worth investing in NEO or not? Will the price of NEO coin go up? If yes, at what extent? Will it rise upto $1000 or not? In concluding answer of all these questions, Here are main reasons of investing and trading into coins:

  1. China banned cryptocurrency and developing their own blockchain system in their country. NEO is part of them and have great potential to be the part of chinese government regulations.
  2. NEO have better technological advantages then Ethereum and knows as chinese ethereum. Ethereum prices are good and if NEO comes up on any exchange platform in directly purchasing with USD, Prices will surely rise.
  3. Smart Contracts which help companies to grow effectiverly.
  4. Neo foundation also owns another token called GAS and you can grab gas if you hold NEO coin. 
  5. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, You can’t mine NEO. NEO coins are limited in number (volume).

So, folks what are your views on Neo coin after observing this article? Are you looking to invest or not, we are crazy to hear. Please share your thoughts with us. For more knowledgeable updates, please stay connected with us.




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