NEO price Prediction: Neo Price today, Neo coin news

Will Neo reach $355 or fall below 5$ by end of 2018: NEO Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, Neo Price today Tomorrow, Week And Month: NEO to USD predictions: Neo coin news

Are you curious about Chinese Ethereum? Do you want to invest in Neo Coin? What are the facts which make Neo a profitable deal? Cryptocurrency market is known for its notorious nature but still is the center of attraction of every investor. More than 4000 digital coins exist and new ones are emerging regularly. Although there are numerous cryptocurrencies a large part of the market is covered by the top 10 Cryptocurrencies with the total market cap of about $400 Billion. Neo coin also secured a place in top 10 tokens and it is also popular as Chinese Etherem. If you are planning to invest in Neo coin but confused about its upcoming price then you are in exact place. Here in my Neo coin price prediction, I will figure out the facts and the statements of crypto experts which will help you to decide whether you should stick with it on not.

NEO to USD predictions: Neo coin news
NEO Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020

What is Neo?

Neo was known as Antshares and it was founded by Da Hongfei in 2014. In 2017 it was renamed as Neo. Neo is the true rival of Etnereum and it offers more than a digital coin. It is a blockchain platform which empowers developers to generate smart contracts and decentralized applications. Smart contracts are quite popular nowadays and it will enhance the use of Neo platform.

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Neo Price on November 26 with Total supply and market cap

Neo Price on November 26 with Total supply and market cap
Neo Price on November 26 with Total supply and market cap

Neo price prediction: Facts which ensure its growth in upcoming years

We all know that nothing is fix in the digital market. Anything can happen within minutes but there are some facts which can help us to predict the future price of any coin. So for your ease, I have made a list of favorable facts of Neo coin. So take a look below and determine by yourself whether it is a fruitful deal or not?


It is pretty easy to access Neo coin and you can purchase and sale this token on the huge range of cryptocurrency exchanges. This ease of access upgrade its credibility before the normal people and thus make it the best choice to begin with cryptocurrency.

Supply and demand

Another foremost factor which is responsible for its growth is its limited supply. The maximum supply of this token is restricted to 100 Million. Currently, about 70 Million tokens are in the circulation. In case the Neo platform performs, well in terms of smart contracts then it will be adopted by the huge population. Thus the demand can increase significantly.

Grabbing GAS

GAS is the native token of Neo network and if you have Neo in your wallet then you acquire those coins. GAS is utilized to proceed the transactions on Neo platform and to pay regular dividends you must have the GAS coins. Means if you hold Neo then you get GAS and simply it seems a good deal. It attracts the attention of digital coins buyers.

China Support

China is the second biggest economy in the world and China permits various opportunities for cryptocurrency projects. Neo is known as Chinese Ethereum also and now you can assume it has the support of Chinese people. If it will become the preferred platform for Chinese developers then it can increase its value drastically.

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Neo Price chart today

Neo Price chart today
Neo Price chart today

Neo price prediction 2018

Neo is showing a great potential and when to analyze the technical aspects and statement of Crypto personalities then we get a positive forecast. It is expected that it can reach $355 by the end of 2018. As I mentioned above important things which makes it a good investment. The Neo price prediction is based on its technical advantages and it is very optimistic. Apart from technical analysis experts are also in favor of Neo. Co-founder of social finance is predicting that Neo can take the place of Bitcoin because of its unique blockchain technology. So it seems that 2018 will be the great year for Neo and it will grow remarkably.

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Neo price prediction for next 5 years

NEO is currently priced for $7.56. The prediction of most of the analyst about Neo give a positive view about the Neo price. The predictors are saying The neo can reach $355 this year that looks quite tough to consider the current price trend of Neo. Furthermore, the five-year forecast is around $ 1275. Thus, even if you’re just looking to invest for a one-year period, you would be able to make a significant amount of return. On the other hand, even if you’re looking to invest for 5 years, the investment return which you can get from these levels is enormous.

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Should you invest in NEO?

When assuming the past data Neo gave the great returns and its current performance also indicates for the good returns. Although experts, technical analysis and market value are supporting Neo you can’t deny the risk factor. Do your own research before investing in any coin because we can’t draw an exact picture of any cryptocurrency. We can tell you about the potential of a particular coin but the decision is yours. You can also take advise of your financial advisor.

Our Neo price prediction 2018

It is pretty tough to predict the price of any cryptocurrency. there are many things which confirm whether the price will rise or fall. In my article, I tried to give you a clear idea of its potential but as I said before there is great fluctuation anything can happen in a short period of time. Neo has the support of the Chinese government, gives technical benefits, and lots more but search on your level. Still, any query regarding neo price prediction then comments below and if you have any suggestion for us then share with us. For more updates stay tuned till than Goodbye.

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