What will be the next big cryptocurrency? (Complete guide)

Cryptocurrency the hot potato of 2017-2018 and it is expected that it will get the same attention in 2019. Cryptocurrency market is the growing one and to invest in digital currency has become the norm of today. But the fresher who wants to invest in the digital asset are confused and it becomes pretty complex to find out the ideal coin to invest in. But don’t take tension I am here for satisfying all your queries regarding upcoming cryptocurrency. Here is what will be the next big cryptocurrency and you will get the answer of all your queries about the next cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency market up to the present
What will be the next big cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency market up to the present

Initially, the cryptocurrency was introduced in 2009 as Bitcoin and it was just a start. In fact, until 2013 there were very few people who were aware of the digital asset. After 2013crptocurrency market developed hugely and that was the noticeable growth of digital currency. Do you know how many cryptocurrencies out there? Currently 1500 cryptocurrency available.

2017 has become the milestone year for cryptocurrency and the market capital has grown by 4000%. In March 2017 the market capitalization was around $20  Billion. And presently it is more than $454 Billion, a huge amount!

There are numerous assumptions about the future of cryptocurrency and some say that it will end up in upcoming years and some say that it will last longer. It is pretty tough to assume the future of digital asset but currently, its popularity is increasing. All credit goes to the blockchain which has played a distinctive role to upgrade cryptocurrency. The reliability of blockchain has increased the faith of people in cryptocurrency.

Well, it was the brief description of cryptocurrency growth and guys are you ready to know the next big cryptocurrency to invest in 2018.

What are Cryptocurrencies that will be the next big cryptocurrency

Are you still confused and trying to know that should you invest in Bitcoin or go for Ethereum? You don’t need to wait as I will suggest you the best next big cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. So observe the guide carefully and choose the best for you.

Bitcoin the best digital currency to invest in 2018

Everyone who doesn’t know more about cryptocurrency but he/she probably aware of the bitcoin. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency out there and also covers the 40% of total capital of crypto market. Also, the most vintage cryptocurrency and governs the market. It will be a great decision to invest in Bitcoin if it will progress like 2017.

There is a sudden change in its price and it changes almost every day. You can assume its changing nature as the price of 1 Bitcoin in 2013 was around $75 but in December 2017 it was of $20000. And in February 2018 it has drizzled to $6000.

The question is that what will be the favourable time to invest in Bitcoin because of its changes in price.

Good time to invest in Bitcoin

If you are looking for investing in Bitcoin then you must up to date about every news of Bitcoin. I think when there is a great fall in the price of Bitcoin then you should buy it as you will buy it at a low price. If you are a new investor then you must start your investment with Bitcoin and rest depends on you if you will in its future then you should go for it. If you have any confusion then you think before investing.

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Ethereum the next big cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

Ethereum is our next option to invest in 2018. ETH covered around $70 Billion of total market capitalization and its price was $720 in December 2017. In January 2018 it jumped and placed on its highest price of $1423.

In 2017 Ethereum has grown by 3000% and also the second biggest cryptocurrency and just a few steps behind Bitcoin. If you wanna know the exact answer whether you should invest in it or not then no one can predict exactly. But you can assume on the basis of available data.

Apart from being a digital asset, ETH is a blockchain project. Its most favourable feature for the investor is that he/ she can create their own cryptocurrencies.

Is Ethereum is your next big cryptocurrency to invest? My suggestion is you should go for ETH as it is my strong belief that it will be the best cryptocurrency of 2018. Many blockchain experts are saying that the market capitalization of ETH will increase by $200 Billion with the year. Also, there will be changes in the technology of Ethereum so guys are you ready to invest in ETH.

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Ripple the next big currency to invest in 2018

Our another recommended cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 is Ripple it is also known as XRP. Ripple got a huge growth of about 35000% in 2017. The price of Ripple also dropped down in 2018 like other digital currencies. Probably you were thinking now that why you didn’t invest in Ripple in 2017 but don’t be upset you can invest in Ripple in 2018.

When things come in terms of market capitalization then Ripple is the third biggest cryptocurrency with almost $35 Billion. Apart from being a cryptocurrency is serves you as a payment tool. Ripple makes your payments quick and safe as it utilizes the blockchain technology. Moreover many huge banks around the world are using Ripple for their transactions.

Ripple’s future is looking quite growing and if you wanna to invest in blockchain then Ripple is the best option for you. Just understand their service and invest for a huge profit.

Litecoin the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

Another digital currency listed in our next big cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 is Litecoin. the market cap is $11 billion and it is considered the 5th biggest cryptocurrency. Litecoin got a huge growth of about 7500% in 2017. In January 2017 the price of Litecoin was grew with $4 and at the end of the year, it had jumped up to $358. The same thing happened to like other digital currencies as the price of Litecoin fell down in 2018.

There are different reasons which make is the good choice to invest in 2018. In fact, Litecoin is the modification over Bitcoin technology as it gives you a fast experience of the transaction when compared with Bitcoin. Many financial agencies across the globe are using Litecoin for their transactions. If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency then it must be a good deal to invest in Litecoin.

Policies to be followed before investing in cryptocurrency

Now the question is that what things must consider before investing in a digital currency. Initially, you have to know each and everything about the cryptocurrency and also the visible understanding about your investing motives. After it, you have to plan the things to get your goal. In cryptocurrency, you have to make the mindset that how much amount will satisfy you if you don’t set a limit then you can be confused and there will be the chances of loss.

Usually, there are two types of planning which you should follow for investing in cryptocurrency.

Long-term Investment

If you want better results then you can go for long-term investments. Before investing your money you have to confirm different facts like:

  • You have to set a time or a price on which you will sell the coins.
  • You also plan that you will sell your digital asset at a single time or in chunks.
  • Another thing is that you can sell your digital currency when there are changes in laws which can affect your profit.

If you wanna be a good investor then you have to take patients at the time of price rising and falling. You should not panic at price drops and if you follow all these instructions then you will definitely get a huge profit.

Short-term investment

If you don’t believe in long risks and wanna grab the immediate profit then you can invest for a short period of time. There are many options for short-term investment like you can invest for a day, a week or for a few months. but before going for short-term investments you have to plan few things:

  • The price on which you will sell your coins or an estimate of profit.
  • You have to set a limit of losses and if you find a major price drop then you must sell them.
  • Also, you should have full awareness of the crypto market.
  • Is your short-term investment is better than the long ones?

Final Verdict

cryptocurrencies are the crisp medium of sudden income but one should be ready to bear to lose money. All the investments in cryptocurrency are assumption based and assumptions are not always true. If you have plenty of money and don’t afraid at the time of losing money then you can invest in the digital asset.

Folks, you came across the next big cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 and now all decision is yours’s so analyzed carefully before investing your money. Hope this guide will definitely assist you in choosing the next huge digital currency. Still, any query then comments below. For more updates please stay connected.

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