Will RDD hit 1$ by end of 2018? Reddcoin Price Prediction

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Will RDD price go up, Reddcoin price forecast for upcoming years

Cryptocurrency market is known for its huge volatility and due to the sudden fluctuation, it is also the risky one. But investing in digital currencies has become the norm of today. Everyone wants to earn quick incomes so there are different currencies emerging day by day. You will probably know about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top-ranking currencies. But there are lots more Digital currency to invest in and RDD is one of them.

Actually, Reddcoin is a blockchain technology which is created to make micropayments easy and quick. Reddcoin technology is monetized for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and it enables users to earn their revenue. Nowadays investors are looking to invest in RDD but they are confused so if you also want to stick up with Reddcoin then you are in the exact place as Here in my Reddcoin price prediction I will throw a light on its upcoming price.

RDD price forecast for upcoming years
Will RDD hit 1$ by end of 2018? Reddcoin Price Prediction

What is Reddcoin?

Guys if you are not familiar with Reddcoin then, first of all, you must aware of its functionality and uses. Reddcoin is a project which is created to fasten the process of micropayments via social media platforms. Its p2p network allows you to transact through social media. The most prominent feature of this project is that it makes all transaction in a speedy way and also for free. Its functionality is just like Facebook cash and other social media payment platforms but the key dissimilarity is that it uses blockchain technology. The most favorable attire of this technology is that you can use it on other platforms also.

Reddcoin price prediction

Reddcoin is equipped with huge advantages as a digital currency. Price prediction of any coin is not everyone’s cup of tea and I can say it is the toughest task. There are great rise and fall in the crypto market and anything can happen. In September Reddcoin has launched ReddID which generated destruction in the cryptomarket. ReddID is the latest feature of Reddcoin which is created for social media amalgamation. It is easy, secure and efficient. It has also released Reddpay, new payment processor and also tied up with Investa. This blockchain allows its users to ingress, an exchange, a web wallet and also the debit cards. So all these improvements are indicating for its growth. And it is predicted that the Reddcoin will hit the $1 by the end of 2018.

Why will the RDD price hit $1 in 2018?

The topmost query which I want to figure out in my Reddcoin price prediction is the reasons why it will touch the $1 by the end of the year. So guys here are the reasons behind its growth in upcoming months:

Easiest payment confirmation

The topmost factor which ensures its growth is that it solves all the transaction storage complexities. Users wallet are integrated with trustworthy nodes and you get a faster and lightweight data from the transactions.


It is a general reason and everyone can understand it. Reddcoin is currently on its lowest price of $0.00249346 and has the huge potential to grow. Also, it offers low transactions fees so it is ideal for everyone.


Redd-ID is the topmost and recently added feature which has increased its price by almost 40%. This feature allows all the social media users to share different contents and grab tokens as a reward. This is the milestone feature of Reddcoin which has upgraded its popularity and demand also.


Another eye-catching feature of Reddcoin which permits conducting payments with fiat currency. You can transfer money within seconds without any registration formality.

Final verdict

Is it worth to invest in Reddcoin? Will its latest features are enough to make it a potent cryptocurrency? I think you must get the answer of all your queries but as I have mentioned earlier noting is fixed in the digital market. But it is a good time to invest in Reddcoin due to its low price. You don’t need to invest too much money but do your own research before going further. Take the advice of your financial advisor to invest in any currency. We can predict only but you are responsible for your own for your loss or profit.

Still, any query regarding Reddcoin price prediction then comments below and if you have any valuable suggestion then share with us.

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  1. $1? Really? we likely won’t even see it hit a penny by years end. 10 cents maybe by 2020 unless the coin dies BAT coin might kill off redd.

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