Satoshi Nakamoto: 8 shocking facts you must know

Whenever we talk about cryptocurrency the initial name which strikes in our mind is Bitcoin, the leading coin. Not only leading but also Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency launched in the market. It was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. People are familiar with Bitcoin but still, there are lots more things which are anonymous about the father of Bitcoin. He/she still a mystery for everyone. In fact, no one knows that Satoshi Nakamoto is a male, female or a group? Although there are huge things which are missing till now about the founder of Bitcoin we aware of some facts. If you want to know the interesting facts about the mysterious personality then you are in exact place. Here I will figure out the 8 shocking facts you must aware of them.

Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin creator
Satoshi Nakamoto: 8 shocking facts you must know

8 shocking facts about the father of Bitcoin

Apart from the great confusion, we know some things about him/her. Here are the 8 must-know facts about the inventor of Bitcoin:

1. They can be a team

There is not the proper identification of Satoshi Nakamoto and it is possible that “he” is, “she’ is and even “they” is. Some users used to say that it could be the group of four technology companies. Actually, Satoshi Nakamoto is the wordplay for Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, and Motorola so people combined their initial letters and assumed that it was a group of these companies.  Another fact which indicates that Satoshi Nakamoto can be a group is that he addresses himself as we and also I. Though we address himself as he for ease.

2.Net worth of Satoshi Nakamoto

It is also estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto holds around 1Million Bitcoin which means he is a Billionaire. Although it is the only estimation if they are a team then each member owns a big amount.

3. Satoshi lost the interest and leave the project

There are assumptions that Satoshi lost the interest in the project and left it. People are assuming that the coding in the project was too complex and he was unable to solve out some issues so he left. Some are saying that he is still here with the incognito name. Before leaving he created a post for Wikileak. So the people think that he was nervous about the attention of Wikileaks so he left. There are various sayings why he left but don’t know what is exact reason.

4.Nobel prize nominee

Satoshi Nakamoto was nominated for a Nobel prize in 2015. He was nominated for this pride in Economic Science and by Bhagwan Choudhary.

5. Satoshi’s T-shirts

The invisibility of Satoshi Nakamoto gave rise to the unique merchandise idea. There are T-shirts in the market having different sentences like  I am Satoshi Nakamoto, Who is the Satoshi Nakamoto etc. People are buying them. If you want to buy them you can purchase from the e-commerce sites like Zazzle and Teespring.

6. Satoshi bought a pizza with the first Bitcoin transaction

The initial transaction with Bitcoin took place on 12 January 2009. It had happened between Satoshi and Hal  Fenney and he bought a pizza with it. The cost of pizza was $25 and Satoshi paid 100 Bitcoin for it.

7. Satoshi spent only 500 Bitcoins

It has come into the limelight after examining the ledger that Satoshi had expanded only 500 Bitcoins from his huge property. It was .0005 percent of his entire wealth. I am really surprised with this face.

8. Satoshi Nakamoto is writing a book

Let’s talk about the recent fact which came into knowledge on June 29 that he is writing a book. On this date, a book has emerged on the site with a section from the book. The title of the section was Duality, described the early days of Bitcoin. But there are not accurate signs that the author is Nakamoto or someone else.

Bottom lines

Satoshi Nakamoto is has become the legend but his/her identity is still anonymous and everyone is crazy about to know about him/her. Anyway he has developed the world-changing cryptocurrency and no one can deny his/ her achievement. If you have any interesting thing about the founder of Bitcoin which you want to share with us then use our comment section. For more crypto updates stay connected.



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