Stellar (XLM) Becomes top 5th Cryptocurrency pushing out EOS

Cryptocurrency market is famous for its great volatility and every day different digital currency change their position due to the sudden rise and fall. People always curious about top 10 cryptocurrencies because they preferred them to invest. But the recent news about Stellar (XLM) has shocked the whole crypto market and this currency got fifth largest cryptocurrency position on the basis of its market cap. Stellar pushed back to EOS and get its place. The current trading volume of XLM is $113.4 Million which is screaming 99.51% upgrade in seven day time period.

Stellar (XLM) Becomes top 5th Cryptocurrency pushing out EOS
Stellar (XLM) Becomes top 5th Cryptocurrency pushing out EOS

Another great news which is in favor of XLM is that its market cap has crossed the $5 Billion limit and suddenly it reached $5.39 Billion. Currently, the market cap of XLM is 5.23 Billion after passing the EOS. On the other hand, the market cap of EOS is decreased and has reached from $5 Billion to $4.88 Billion.

There is a big reason behind Stellar’s success and it is assumed that it has grown rapidly after the announcement of giveaway campaign with wallet provider blockchain of worth $1.25 Million.

The main factor which decreased the value of EOS is the statement of Whiteblock which has considered it a cloud-based service. The research also claimed that there is a great scarcity of  Blockchain features. So this statement has vanished the trust of investors and as a result, it falls down in the market.

One more thing which is the hot potato of current days will Stellar overtake Ripple? Ripple is the true rival of Stellar and lots of people are curious to know which one is more superior. Ripple always ranked top of the stellar but in future Stellar can occupy Ripple’s place.

Well, Stellar has overtaken the EOS and set on the fifth largest cryptocurrency. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section.

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