The Ultimate Bitcoin Wallet Guide for Revolutionary Entrepreneurs

Bitcoin – What is it?

It is a crypto or digital currency neither controlled by the Government or any financial institution, i.e., to say the banks. A bitcoin wallet is either purchased or exchanged directly between anonymous owners on the blockchain, and no account numbers, names, or other identities are used.

As there are no middlemen or other agencies involved, the transactions occur without the fear of corruption, which is uncommon in other financial institutions. There is no fee required, and the Blockchains transactions have taken place the world over. Bitcoin is transferred digitally and directly between buyers and sellers.

Bitcoin wallet works by recording transactions on the blockchain, which enables hassle-free money transfers. Blockchain records the transactions every 10 minutes by adding a new block to the chain.

When capitalized, Bitcoin implies technology as a whole, and when not, it refers to the currency. The term Confirmation signifies a successful transaction well recorded on the block.

The term Cryptography refers to the art of writing codes that enables secured transactions in wallets.

Mining does not imply excavation for metals or diamonds but solving a complex mathematical calculation that validates each transaction in exchange for bitcoins. It makes the operation fool-proof and secure. It is the most difficult, yet profitable way to get bitcoins for Blockchain platforms 2020.

Private Key

This term refers to confidential data that validates one’s spending from a specific wallet. It is a password, so to say, allotted to each portfolio.


It is a shred of cryptographic evidence confirming ownership of bitcoin, which cannot be deciphered by others for Cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Bitcoin

There are different methodologies related to Bitcoin platforms 2020 that are discussed below, which shall pave the way to get, earn, and buy a Bitcoin.

Exchange Money for Bitcoin

The bitcoin wallet exchanges allow this crypto-currency buying through credit cards, transfers, or even PayPal. The money can also be exchanged for Bitcoin either through a person or by visiting Bitcoin ATM, bank, etc.

Accept Payment

The blockchains can be shared with the shoppers, either online or offline, by displaying the “Bitcoin Accepted Here” billboard.

Complete Tasks

These are bitcoin faucets exchanged for time – for playing games, watching ads, etc., and a legitimate way to earn bitcoin.

Earn Interest from Lending

Lending for earning interest is also an option if one owns a Bitcoin wallet, which can be done with a friend or acquaintance.

Get Tipped

Some sites offer bitcoin incentives in Bitcoins for all kinds of odd jobs undertaken, such as tips for the surveys conducted, content sharing, etc. One thing of caution that needs to be taken into account is the high volatility of Bitcoin, which can fluctuate in a matter of an hour.

Storing and Using Bitcoin

Although the Bitcoin wallet is just like physical currency, it cannot be saved. The wallets take care of that aspect as these are linked to bitcoin through private keys. These wallets enable making and receiving Bitcoin payments.

Therefore, to buy, earn, or collect bitcoin, the bitcoin wallet must be created for Blockchain platforms in 2020.

Software Wallets

These wallets include the devices and online services, some being cloud-based, comprising thermal storage in blockchains. The upkeep and security of the tools are paramount as the loss or damage could adversely compromise the bitcoin wallet’s security.

Desktop wallets are downloaded only for a specific PC, whereas Online wallets are cloud-based, accessible on any device, and are most dependable. The Mobile Bitcoin Wallets operate through an app and are most convenient to use due to their portability aspects.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware bitcoin wallets subsist on an external mechanism such as a hard drive or USB. They are reachable by plugging that device into a system and logging in. These wallets are considered cold storage since data is stored entirely offline for Blockchain platforms 2020.

Cold storage offers the optimum security and is considered great for huge sums of bitcoin. It can be intimidating to set up, inconvenient to use, and susceptible to physical damage, loss, or theft. LedgerTrezor, and Keepkey are examples.

Paper Bitcoin Wallets

Paper bitcoin wallets are what they sound like — pieces of paper containing your private keys. Instead of relying on software or hardware, which are susceptible to malware, cybercrime, and damage, you must keep track of paper bitcoin wallets. These wallets are another type of cold storage and pretty easy to generate Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Risks

Bitcoin, being a cryptocurrency, is a chaotic, volatile market situation, notorious for its scams. There is an imperative need to carry out extensive research before investing large sums into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a risky business with a great opportunity meant for the enterprising. A few precautions that need be taken are mentioned herein below:

  • The large amounts of bitcoin must be kept in offline wallets, whereas, only small amounts need be kept on cloud-based wallets;
  • There is a need to back-up the wallet regularly and the private keys and data secured offline;
  • Keep the bitcoins safe by keeping it in a variety of software

With the advancement in technology, it also comes to the ways and means to hack it. The various common Bitcoin scams that need to be kept in mind are:

Wallet Scams


One needs to be aware of the fake online wallets asking for money upfront or handing over the Bitcoin address. Fake hardware wallets are riddled with in-built vulnerabilities made helpful for the scamster to use.

Mining Scams

In the mining sector, fake companies are aplenty offering to undertake the mining work on one’s behalf as it is a time consuming and resource crunching process. Other companies provide server space on Rent for Bitcoin mining. It becomes difficult to separate good from the lousy entity to be associated.

Exchange Scams

The scamsters are aplenty operating online and offline with an ulterior motive to take away whatever they can lay their hand. In this business, there is no regulatory authority or agency to monitor coin exchange. Thus, the hackers and scammers lurch waiting with bait, offering unrealistic exchange rates while operating on unsecured websites.


Bitcoin is an indication of the level of the growing economy made by the Cryptocurrency, which puts the purchasing power back into people’s hands. Whether it can decentralize the currency system and improve the global economy, only time can tell.

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