Top 10 ICOs of 2021 with maximum ROI: Best ICOs listing

Which ICOs projects should you pay attention? Want to multiply your ROI? Looking for the best 10 ICOs of 2021? Let’s initiate the post and discover.

If you are a crypto enthusiastic then you would probably aware of the term ICO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and indeed it is a risky venture to invest in. But if you choose the projects carefully then they can give you great ROI. Which ICOs are the most beneficial? For suggesting you the best ICOs projects we have done intense research on the crypto projects which can give you the best ROI. So observe the post carefully to get the best ICOs project to invest in 2021.

best ICOs project to invest in 2019
Top 10 ICOs of 2019 with maximum ROI

Top 10 ICOs with maximum ROI


IOTA has developed for Internet Of Things. IOTA aims to make transactions smooth for the internet of things payments. Nevertheless, IOTA is not purely a blockchain platform and it functions on a system named as, Tangle. One of the occurring issues for cryptocurrency payments is scalability and IOTA solves this in an effective manner. Apart from solving this hurdle IOTA also permits to make transactions without any fees.

I think now you can assume how innovative the project is? Its motive is to promote the whole new market and that’s the reason behind its success in the ICO 2015. IOTA has raised more than $400,000 in 2015. Nowadays it is trading at around $0.310702.

2. NEO

Neo is known as Chinese Ethereum which uses smart contracts applications. The developers of the NEO are developing a unique Blockchain platform that would act as legal proof of ownership and it is assumed that a large number of population will accept it.

Whenever they organized their initial ICO then there was no single investor and everyone was in doubt whether it will be a profitable deal or not. Alibaba and Microsoft such big names were behind the project and that’s the reason they got huge success in their IOC held in October 2015. They raised $556,500 after selling 17.5 Million Coins.

In 2016 they sold 22.5 Million tokens for over 4.5 Million dollars. At the time of ICO the price of NEO token was $0.032 and today its price is $9.35 so you can assume yourself.

Digilite Coin

Our world is powered by billions of smart devices that generate incredible transactions not in thousands or millions but countless transactions every day. This phenomenon is called digits from creating a free passage from the real world to crypto world respecting anonymity.


If you are a crypto geek then no need to introduce Ethereum as it is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies and after Bitcoin it dominates the digital market. Ethereum is an open source distributed ledger platform which empowers its clients to generate and run decentralized apps. Also, utilize and implements smart contracts.

Vitalik Buterin is behind the development of Ethereum and he is one of the most well-known personality for crypto users. Nevertheless, the Ethereum blockchain platform is working with a wide array of major clients including the hugest firms from across the globe.

Ethereum’s first ICO was organized in 2014 and the team got the immense success in their first attempt. They raised $15.5 Million after trading 50 Million Coins. Each token was sold at $0.311 and today its price is $164.06.


NXT is one of the ancient blockchain projects and it was created for making some improvements over Bitcoin. Bloated blockchain and proof of stake mining were the main issues to which NXT decided to resolve.

There was an anonymous developer behind the project and in 2013 they had managed their crowdfunding campaign. They raised $16,800 after selling one Bln tokens. The price of the NXT token at the time of ICO was $0.0000168. Today its price is $0.03409353 and now you can judge yourself how much its early investors have earned.


The motive behind the creation of Spectrecoin is to give emphasis on privacy and anonymity. To avail, the privacy Specter coins gather a blockchain with tokenized ring signature policy.

A ring signature is a kind of signature that is generated by any group member and it is pretty tough to determine which member has signed for the transaction. It utilizes a Tor network to enhance the level of Anonymity. Thus all the nodes interact with each other via the Tor.

Even the development team behind the Spectrecoin is also private. They managed their ICO from November 2016 to January 2017 and sold 19 Million tokens. They grabbed $ 15,500 with their initial ICO and the price of each token was $0.001. Nowadays it is trading on $0.424345.


ICO Okratech will be a platform similar like and but it will accept cryptocurrency. Ortcoin will create a blockchain jobs platform that helps clients and freelancers connect, providing efficient transactions and robust protections through smart contracts – wherever you’re based.


Stratics comes with an innovative idea and its motive is to permit the end to end solutions for developing, testing and the creation of blockchain applications worldwide. “We Make Easy Blockchain For You” is the tagline of this project and they prove it with their project.

Their project is the center of attraction of every huge business which utilizes Microsoft products. Moreover, Microsoft also attaches Stratics as a service to its Azure cloud service.

Microsoft is a big name and with its support, the ICO of Stratics got a big success. The campaign has raised $610,000 and the price of token was $ 0.007 only. Currently, Stratis is trading at US$ 1.10.


Another unique project which aims to integrate and collaborate various blockchains together. The chief purpose of ARK is to amalgamate other cryptocurrencies into its project.

The project organized its first ICO in 2016 from November to December and they raised about $950,000. The price of each token was $ 0.01 only and nowadays its value is $ 0.638409.


Let’s discuss our another project which is the initial Modular blockchain platform across the globe. That’s mean it contains the main chain – that currently boasts the LSK  currency and also the main center for all sidechains. You can also call them the personal blockchains that can be generated without any hassle with Lisk’s tool.

This project empowers developers to create their own blockchain and manage them with their other sidechains.

Their initial ICO was held in 2016 and you will amaze to know that this campaign has raised $ 5.7 Million for the Lisk team. The price of the token was $0.076 and now its value is $ 1.95. You can decide the profit by yourself.


Daos stand for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and DigixDao was the initial Daos that was created one the Ethereum platform. DGD and DGX are the two tokens that are used by the project.

At the time of their ICO, DGD Coins were sold to the investors. But there is a difference between other’s ICO and DigixDao as they were not selling coins for fundraising. The investors have the voting right in proposals for DAO. Thus, every person who posses the token can take part in the future decisions of the organization.

The main goal of the platform is to generate stable digital currency which is backed by the actual gold bars. DGX Coins can be disclaimed into Gold Bars and every token holder has the power to redeem them.

The very first crowdsale of this project has taken place in March 2019 and they raised $ 5.5 Million within 12 hours. The price of the token was $ 3.235 and currently, it is trading at $ 19.42.


QTUM is also known as quantum and the motive behind the project is to enhance the number of applications that are based on smart contracts. All the two developers from Ethereum and Bitcoin will get its advantage as it fills the gap between Ethereum’s smart contracts and Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Nevertheless, QTUM is also looking to launch new tools, templates, and other smart contracts choices to simplify the creation of smart contracts for businesses.

QTUM has organized its ICO in March 2017 and successful to raise $ 15.6 Million within 117 hours. The price of the token was $0.3 at the time of ICO and currently, it is hovering at $ 2.88.

Concluding lines

Well, folks, these are the top ICOs of all time that promise you to give the maximum ROI. Hope you collected the required information through the post and if you have any query then let us know below in the comment area.

Looking to participate in any upcoming ICO? Then feel free to take advise. We are here to assist you and for more informative crypto updates bookmark our site.

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