Can tron hit 1$ by end of 2019? TRON Coin Price Prediction

Tron coin price prediction for the upcoming 5 years, should you invest in Tron at the end of 2018, Is Tron price will rise in start fo 2019, How much ROI you can earn in 2018 if you invest in 2018, Is tron coin is best currency to invest right now?

TRON Coin Price Prediction : Clear all your doubts about TRON Coin Price: tron price on 21 November 2018, Latest TRX news

In this technical era, everything is going to be digital. Even the currency comes in the digital form called CRYPTOCURRENCY. People are becoming crazy to invest in digital asset and there are multiple cryptocurrencies to invest. Here in this article, we will talk about Tron coin price prediction. If you wanna know each and everything then read this article carefully.

What is Tron (TRX)?

Troon is the creation of a Chinese student Justin Sun who is 26 years old and also has worked on Ripple. Tron is the revolutionary invention in terms of content transformation. It allows you to share content with Youtube and Facebook being a content creator. TRX is usually utilized by the artists, singers, musicians and other creative ones who love to gamble and also active on social media platforms.

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What is Tron coin?

There are numerous coins in the market which grabbed the attention of investors and crypto experts. Tronix is one of the good options among of them. The performance of TRX is really impressive which we observed on the basis of the last 4 months. The performance of TRX is really shocking for its critics.

Update: Tron price and position in coin market cap on 13th November 2018

As we promised we will keep updating the price of Every crypto currency with regular time intervals as well as the current particular coin market up and down, so here is the current TRX price and Tron position on coin market cap:

Tron price on 13th November 2018: $0.022414

Tron position in coin market cap on 13th November 2018: tron is the 11th top cryptocurrency in market with $59,544,939 market volume.

TRX coin future prediction

As we all know that there are sudden rises in the price of Bitcoin and a huge crowd of people is mad about Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin going to be higher so the investor are confused because everyone can’t purchase such high priced coin as it may be risky. The rising price of Bitcoin is the hurdle for small investors and they are going to find out the other cheap coins to invest. So here we will aware you about Tron which can be the good cryptocurrency to invest.

Tron latest performance

The recent performance of the Tron has become the hot potato as it got the attention of the whole world. On January 1, 2018, the price of Tron was of $0.049 USD and its market cap was $3,221,003,949 USD. Till then it is continuously rising. After 5 days on 6 January, it jumped to the great height which was unbelievable for everyone.

Tronix was evaluated of $0.25 USD and the total market cap of its was $16,752,047,709 USD, the greatest amount ever. After bitcoin’s and Ripple’s, it is the largest growth till now in the crypto market.

Reasons behind the huge rise of Tronix: Tron coin Price prediction

The main question of a huge community that what are the reasons which have made the TRX quick popular. In my opinion, the main reason behind its sudden rise is that Tron is an independent blockchain platform. Also, numerous crypto community investors are showing their trust in it. The most favorable cause behind its growth that it is the 10th biggest cryptocurrency in the digital market. Another cause of its quick rise is its high trade value.

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Tron coin Price Prediction

As the Tron is a rising cryptocurrency so it is assumed that the future of TRX is bright. You can assume its growth by this factor that before a few weeks ago it was on 56th rank on coin market cap website but currently it is on 14th rank there. So it is the sign of good future of Torn and also if you invest in it you can get a great benefit. There are great chances to reach 0.2 USD as TRX has amalgamated with Ethereum.

Although there are possibilities of the growth of the TRX but not more than its rival currencies. But from 2019 there may be quick rises.

Market prediction for Tron coin price 2018, 2019, 2020

There are different views of publications and personalities and here we have collected the statements of marketers so take a look below for fair assumption:


According to, Tron will rise to $1 only in five years, and that sounds like a  realistic and conservative prediction.

#2 WalletInvestor

According to WalletInvestor, they predicted that Tron will not go up more than $0.1 this year as they believe 2018 is not going to prove favorable for it. However, they believe, it ain’t a bad year for investments.

#3 More investors

By 2019, Tron will grow as it will regain new investors from payment platforms like PayPal, which can make its value rise up to $1.5 per coin.

Tron coin price prediction 2018

It is assumed that the price of Tron will not cross the 0.05 to 0.07 by the end of 2018. 2018 was the immobile year of the Trx at the end of the year there will be little bit rises in its price. There are chances of large adaption by the end of 2018 which will increase its value.

How much TRX will be valued in 2019?

It is expected that 2019 will be the good year for TRX and there will be a sudden rise in its price. On the basis of Tron price prediction, it is guessed that from January to August it will remain on 0.05 to 0.06 USD. But in last four months of 2019, it will take a long jump. And by the end of 2019, it may reach to the 0.11 which is the good growth when compared with 2018.

How much Torn will be valued in 2020?

2020 will be the more flexible year for TRX. the price will be higher and lower throughout the year. It is expected that in July 2020 the price will get lower up to 0.03 and by the end of the year, it will jump up to 0.24 USD.

Tron coin price prediction for the upcoming 5 years

The price assumption of any cryptocurrency is based on its acceptance ratio. Same is in the TRX case and all our price prediction are depends on the adopting ratio. It is expected that a large number of organizations will adopt the Tron technology. It will be accepted by the startup organization like publishing and music startups. The torn price prediction says that it will up in the upcoming 5 years. There are chances that Tron will be of 0.54 USD in 2023.

Bottom lines

Although Tron is considered to be a good option to invest in 2019 if you ask me should you invest in or not then I would like to say do your own research. Cryptocurrency market is based on assumptions and assumptions are not always true. There be lose or profit so be ready to face both situations.

Still, any query about the TRX price then comments below and for more updates please stay connected.

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