10 Hot Upcoming IPOs to Watch in 2022

10 Hot Upcoming IPOs to Watch in 2022

The most exciting initial public offerings (IPOs) are expected during the remainder of 2021 or at start of 2022

A company’s initial public offering (IPO) is enticing. You may make it big with the next Amazon (AMZN) or Tesla (TSLA) if you buy the correct stock as soon as it launches and holds the shares (TSLA).

These firms may be the most talked-about new initial public offerings in the coming months, thanks to their unicorn values and attention-getting names. They offer a diverse range of services, and many are well-positioned to succeed in the post-Covid era.

Curious to know more? Keep scrolling the page to know about the best upcoming IPOs.

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Here’s the rundown of the 10 best upcoming IPOs to get started.

Stripe IPO

Valuation: $95 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021/Early 2022

This San Francisco-based payment processing behemoth has had run thus far. In early 2021, the corporation raised $600 million in its most recent fundraising, valued at $95 billion. Stripe’s IPO could be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in history, because of soaring e-commerce demand, which exploded during the epidemic and hasn’t slowed since. Stripe has yet to announce an IPO date, but when it does, it might be worth more than $100 billion.

Rivian Automotive IPO

Valuation: $80 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

Rivian, an electric pickup truck firm financed by Amazon, is expected to go public later this fall, with a valuation of $80 billion. To put things in context, that’s somewhat more than Ford’s current market value (F). It’s easy to see why: pickup trucks are popular in the United States, and Rivian’s R1T is stylish. With a price tag of $70,000, this vehicle claims to be capable of going anywhere. The current chip scarcity has caused a delay in production, but Amazon has committed to purchasing 100,000 Rivian cars once it is up and running.

InstaCart IPO

Valuation: $39 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

The online grocery-delivery service was valued at $39 billion in a spring funding round. Others speculate that it may be worth $50 billion. In any event, InstaCart benefited from Americans staying at home longer than they wanted in 2020, as demand for grocery delivery rose. With such a broad reach, InstaCart might be one of the year’s biggest IPOs (although it may opt for a direct listing).

Databricks IPO

Valuation: $28 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

Cloud computing has become a focus for businesses of all sorts. Databricks has positioned itself as a top provider of data processing, artificially intelligent installation, and even interactive media. The firm says to have over 5,000 customers in 19 countries and expects to produce $1 billion in revenues or more in 2022, an increase of more than 75% year over year.

Discord IPO

Valuation: $17 billion

IPO ETA: Early 2022

Start-up of an online chat room Discord was in talks with Microsoft about a $10 billion acquisition, but the deal fell through. The company then raised $600 million in September 2021, giving it a $17 billion valuation. Discord hasn’t publicly stated any plans to go public, but with its most recent investment round providing lots of cash, the firm might very well consider going public in early 2022. That’s because gamers have fallen in love with the app’s quick communication features, and gaming has never been more popular. It currently has 140 million monthly users, generating $130 million in income last year.

Impossible Foods IPO

Valuation: $10 billion

IPO ETA: 2022

As it becomes more frequent on the menus of America’s restaurants, Impossible Foods, led by the chief executive, founder, and former Stanford professor Pat Brown, may be offered to the public for investment sometime next year. Customers at Burger King can get the Impossible Whopper, while White Castle fans can order the Impossible Slider. Brown hopes that by reducing meat production, these plant-based burgers will persuade skeptics and ultimately save the planet from disaster. Increased popularity and growth, on the other hand, may satiate potential investors.

Better.com IPO

Valuation: $7.7 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

According to recent estimates, Better.com may take advantage of the housing boom by merging with a purpose acquisition company (SPAC), which may value around $8 billion. The digital lender may make its move in the fourth quarter of 2021. Facilitating mortgage loans, particularly those that employ technology to replace traditional mortgage brokers has proven to be profitable in recent years. However, the trend may soon turn, as the recent spike in property prices has dampened demand for new homes.

NextDoor IPO

Valuation: $4 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

Nextdoor, a hyperlocal social networking service may be expanding shortly. This novel take on neighborliness could go public later this year, with an estimated worth of the San Francisco-based company in the small-to-mid-cap range.

Allbirds IPO

Valuation: $2 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

counted amongst the best upcoming IPOs, Allbirds is expected to go public soon, with a market capitalization of around $2 billion. That may seem like a high price to pay for a company that has never made a profit and struggled to find new customers during the epidemic. But the C-suite believes that the company’s focus on reducing carbon emissions as a B corporation will serve as a beacon for cause-conscious shoppers and investors alike.

Rent the Runway IPO

Valuation: $1.5 billion

IPO ETA: Late 2021

The popular clothes rental company Rent the Runway has had a rollercoaster ride in recent years, as social distance rules imposed in the aftermath of Covid-19 keep people at home, obviating the need for expensive threads. The company’s active members had dropped from 133,000 at the beginning of the year to just 54,000. The country has begun to revert to some normalcy, and demand for garments has risen: the number of subscribers has lately soared to almost 112,000.


If you decide to invest in upcoming IPOs, make sure you only put a tiny portion of your portfolio into them. This rule applies to any stock you want to buy: Experts advise against investing amounts of money in a single firm, regardless of whether it’s a hot IPO or has to get listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for a century.

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