VeChain price prediction (VeChain Price Today) – VeChain VET News today 

VeChain price predictions 2018: VeChain price forecast (VeChain News Today) VeChain Price Today – VeChain VET News today: Update 28th November 2018

2017 was the milestone year in the history of cryptocurrency. There was a huge rush in digital coins that’s why many new currencies have launched last year. But some projects got remarkable growth in 2017 and Vechain is one of them. VeChain was introduced in 2015 and its token was introduced later. During the last year, this project got the unbelievable success and has become the 16th largest cryptocurrency with the recent market cap of $1.9 Billion. Investors are showing their interest in VeChain(Thor) but they are confused about how much it increase or decrease in the upcoming year. There are several factors which help us to assume the price of any digital currency. And here in my VeChain price prediction, I will throw light on certain things which make it a potent cryptocurrency.

Updated VeChain price 28th November 2018

The veChain is priced for $0.004720 on 28th November 2018 with circulating supply 55,454,734,800 VET and total market cap $261,740,346.

VeChain VET News today
VeChain price prediction (VeChain Price Today)

What is VeChain?

VeChain is an innovative project which permits a blockchain based platform for the real-world business complexities. It was launched by Sunny Lu, and DJ Qian. It has served many industries like luxury goods, automotive, and agriculture etc but now it is looking to create a platform just like Ethereum. The upcoming change in this technology will allow the developers to create smart projects and decentralized apps. Later it was known as VeChain(VEN) but it has rebranded as VeChain Thor(VET).

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VeChain Price Prediction: facts you need to consider before investing in VeChain

Cryptocurrency is known for its volatility and risky nature but before predicting any coin there are several facts to be considered. We have to analyze all the factors to draw a clear picture of the upcoming price. Will it get a tremendous gush or it will fall down? If you are interested to buy VET then you must confirm the following things:

 VeChain price prediction: VeChain Price chart Today
VeChain price forecast (VeChain News Today) VeChain Price Today

Different partnerships

One of the most prominent factors which have grabbed the attention of everyone is its integration with BMW, the big name in the corporate world. Thor also unveiled that it is going to collaborate with Oxford University. Moreover, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinnest, attached Thor platform to its trading system. Well, all these integrations are enough to ensure its growth in the future.

VeChain Thor

In 2018 the platform rebranded as VeChain Thor. It was a great step which is taken for converting the platform from supply chain management to decentralized application platform. It provides the scalability of up to 10000 transactions per second. On this platform, the VET coin will be used. This is also the responsible move which determines its huge growth.

X node program

X node program was introduced in March 2018. It was created to give a reward to the supporters. It is essential to have 6000 VET to get the rewards and as a result, it will deduct the number of token in circulation. It will leave an impact on demand and it can increase its value.

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VeChain Price prediction 2018

Now its time to predict its future forecast based on the above factors. It is expected that it will trade around $18.63 by the closing of the year. It is also expected that it can jump up to $ 70 this year. It can give you a huge revenue if you invest in this brawny coin because of its versatile blockchain platform. Its unique platform spread a hope in the investors and everyone is looking to invest in VET. If you can hold your emotions and courageous enough to bear the volatility of the crypto market then it is the great choice to invest.

At the start of 2018, it was increased by 500% of value which is a great sign of its growth. This growth puts the VET in the best 5% of digital currency performers. And its partnership with BMW, and Oxford University also make it the center of attraction.

Well if you looking for the digital currency which offers you multi-bagger revenues then you can surely go for it.

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Final verdict

Well, guys, VeChain thor is the unique blockchain solution platform which is very useful for real-world industries. Although the VET coin has great potential we can’t ignore the instability of the digital market. There may be a sudden rise and fall in a little time period and we can’t compel you to buy this coin. You must do your own research before investing in any currency or you can take advise of your financial advisor. Still, any query regarding VeChain price prediction then comments below. For more crypto updates stay connected.

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