Will XRP reach $3 in 2019 and $1 in 2018: Ripple Price prediction

Ripple price Prediction for 2018-19: Is this right time to invest in XRP? Wil XRP go down or will rise? XRP Price prediction, XRP price on November 21, 2018

XRP is the 2nd largest Cryptocurrency in the coin market cap with with total supply 99,991,780,039 XRP. The Ripple is the one of the most promising cryptocurrency that looks profitable to invest. Most of the currencies get a huge hike in price in 2017 but XRP don’t get even $1 price in 2017. But the XRP price rise in start of 2017, it was more than $3 in 2018 start but as the year goes thorugh the price of XRP went down but still it is priced for $0.442211. And the analyst saying it can achieve $1 by end of this year. the XRP is expecting to get hike in 2019. the Ripple price prediction for coming years suggesting it a profitable currency.

Will XRP reach $3 in 2019 and $1 in 2018: Ripple Price prediction
Will XRP reach $3 in 2019 and $1 in 2018: Ripple Price prediction

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XRP price Prediction 2018: should You invest in Ripple now?

Ripple is going to link-up with apple and if this deal will take place then the price of XRP can be triple by the end of the year. Will it reach $1 is the hot potato of my ripple price prediction and there are numerous facts which are in its favor. Apple is a big name and if it will tie-up with Ripple then it will increase its credibility and more and more investors will invest in it. As a result, the price of Ripple will increase significantly. Now Ripple is on low price and if you want to invest in it then you can get a huge profit. I can’t exactly say that it will reach up to $1 because nothing is fixed but we can predict only.

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Ripple price Prediction 2019

If Ripple achieve the $1 mark in 2018 than off course there will be more chances in growth of ripple in 2019. It can cross $ 3 mark easily in start of 2019 because people will be more curious to invest in it. There is a great volatility in the prices of cryptocurrencies and it is pretty tough to assume the price of any coin. But after analyzing the statements of different crypto experts and personalities we got a rough idea of Ripple’s price. It can cross $100 by end of 2019.

Should you Invest in XRP now?

Now XRP is priced at a very low stage, If You invest in Ripple than there will be no huge loss of your investment if it went more down but if once it will start to rise, there are full chances to get good return, it will proven be a profitable investment for you. Upcoming years sounds profitable for XRP as per the investors and analyst.

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XRP price forecast for next 5 years

If all things is going in favor of XRP than there are full chances of hike in price of XRP in next 5 years, It could achieve $1000 mark easily in upcoming 5 years. But this year Ripple could not achieve even $5 mark because there is constant fall in price of XRP now.

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